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Jones Deown Undah

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What do you think about when you think about Australia? Kangaroos, Boomerangs, Fosters, Crocodile Dundee, Koalas, Australian Biscuits, Rescuers Down Under, or the movie Australia, well if that’s the case then you’re all a bunch of stereotyping fools.  Now when you do your Australian accent to impress your friends say, “Jones…Australian for Soda” or “a Dingo drank my Jones!”  (our stereotypes were used for shameless Jones plugs and we are now no better than you).  Why should you make this connection you ask, because we’re in South Australia right now so check out this skate demo and Jones sampling!

Turns out the Australians like to ride too, and what better fuel than a delicious sugary beverage! Don’t believe, take renowned celebrity actors opinions Russel Crowe and Hugh Jackman! I mean who knows Australia better than these two!

Russ and Hugh taking a break from riding to enjoy some Jones

With camera crews, press, and tons of people coming to mini-jonesers and celebrities alike riding together you can imagine that there was a great deal of excitement.  Some handled this excitement quite well…and others did not.happy

This goes to show that Jones in any country, any atmosphere, and regardless of who shows up is a solid option and always makes for a good time.  Thanks Austrailia for taking us in, there will be plenty more Jones there soon for the lot of you that haven’t found it yet.  As we speak there is a container full of Jones sitting on a tanker right now somewhere in the Pacific headed your way, so G’day and goodbye my friends from Down Under, hopefully I will be visiting you soon!


Never get into a battle of wits w/ and Austrailain when Death is on the line

Earth Day, we came, we biked, we conquered

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Seagal, Bike Enthusiast, Giant Bird, Seahawks Safety, and local citizen

It was a day of momentous effort from the entire Jones office to keep our company fully operational with strictly Pedal Power!  I’d like to say it was easy but I would be lying, pedaling from 5:30am until 5:00pm damn near killed me.  I slept like a baby when I got home that night, and not in the actual sense of sleeping like a baby like I normally do where I sleep for 2-3 hours and then wake up crying but more like I passed out with the lights on and my contacts in.

As you can see from the picture above we had some help, and believe me we needed it.  Not one of those people pictured above was an employee, so the community powered our office so we could actually get some work done, even though Blitz (the Hawk dressed in a football uniform with crazy huge biceps) was looking a bit famished in this shot.  It was inspiring to be able to do something great for our environment, and also great for the community and have the support of so many people without asking a thing in return.  Colin McFeron from Recycled Cycles donated all the bikes, built them, and rode all day long.  Dan Gross from the University of Washington Applied Physics Lab diagrammed out the entire process, calculated every Kilowatt of power necessary to pull this off, and wired, constructed, and tested everything to ensure we were generating enough power.  Chris Ager, an engineer and friend of Colin and Dan also helped build all the bikes and work the circuitry.  Interstate Batteries donated all the batteries necessary to pull this off, Piecora donated pizza for everyone for the day, Tap Plastic donated the plastic mounts for the bikes, and Seahawks, Seagals, former Seattle Supersonic James Donaldson, and many people from the community assisted us in making this happen.


Through the glitz and the glam of all the media coverage Jones stayed low key and managed to get out orders, crunch numbers, and cut POs.  Next year we will have to do it bigger so we’ll need suggestions.  Maybe power the whole street, the whole block, or even the White House! Either way saving the environment is contagious, especially when you’re all hopped up on endorphins.  So now in no particular order awards for Earth Day!:

Most BA Rider: 58 year old guy of the street who pedaled harder than anyone else for an hour and half in rocking bike shorts. When he cramped up we thought he’d get off but like a prize-fighter in the 10th round he just asked for a banana, skinned it, and powered through.

Longest accumulated Bike Time: Susan from HR (self proclaimed)

Most time spent waving into the web cam without actually riding: Emily Sales Associate

MVP: Amanda Drummond from Marketing

Least Favorite Bike: #14 Death Bike (the gear setting was twice as hard as any other bike)

Best Cameo: Old Sea Captain wearing a Shawn Kemp Jersey

Best Awkward Interview Angle: Josh Groff, ground shot in between legs.

Thanks again to everyone for the long hours spent, the thousands of revolutions pedaled, and the love shown.  Here are some pics for the day and some links to stories written about us.


This just in, Future Mayor Donaldson is HUUUUGE!


Blitz Stealing peeps out of their office and making them ride.


This is the guy who rode harder than everyone else, no joke


What can brown do for you?

Blitz Rides like a gangsta

Blitz Rides like a gangsta

Thanks again everyone! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and friend us on Facebook!

Last Minute Earth Day Prep

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With every great plan comes obstacles, as for our kick ass plan to power our entire office with pedal power (generated from stationary bikes hooked up to batteries) there have been some snafus.  The parts you ordered didn’t arrive, or arrived and didn’t work, or everything is going to plan but there are a bunch of rogue engineer friends in your office handling their business and you can’t help them because you have no idea how to solder so you blog about it.


As we improvise into the night our crew grows weary, so we order pizza and drink…soda.   Rob from Opps fires up his I-Pod and we rock to some Phil Collins Su Su Sudio.   So far I’ve been to Wallingford, Tukwila, and then back to Wallingford getting new V Belts, chargeable flash lights, and an aerodynamic outfit for my stationary bike ride tomorrow.  Josh was thrown for a loop temporarily when shown his bike seat due to his Wyoming upbringing he had never parted with his banana seat/front ET basket combo. earth-day-prep-018

Focus has been regained though and we will keep you posted via Twitter, Facebook, Morse Code, and smoke signals so we’ll keep you posted but head in tomorrow and check us out!


Tales from the County & Mo-Lasses

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Jones Soda Co is a little bit of a different company, agreed. So we tend to attract a little bit of a different crowd. This tends to be awesome because we end up with a lot of sweet stuff that we get to play with.

Firstly, when is the last time a prisoner drew you a picture, well for us it was earlier this week. Our friend Laura at Yakima County spent her consolatory time sketching a sweet-ass Jones picture for us.

Earth Day Blog

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Jones Soda Pedal Power Project

To kick off Jones Sodas’ new “Keeping It Real” sustainability campaign we decided to celebrate by going off the electrical grid for Earth Day. How can we do this and stay in business for the day? By generating electricity through human powered bicycles of course! Sounds easy right? Sure, that’s what we thought. Pulling it off in two weeks? Piece of cake. Here’s how it all went down:

Step 1. Figure out how to make power through bicycle generated energy. We started with the internet, the best way to find information quickly. We found a great website that helped with the inspiration for our plan: Using this basic model as a starting point, we reached out to Dan Gross and Pierre Mourad of the UW Applied Physics Lab and Colin McFeron of local bike shop Recycle Cycles to help with the planning. After several more hours of research we designed a model that would fit within our budget and time constraints.

Step 2. Gathering the parts. Nothing shouts good weekend fun like spending your Saturday at your local car parts lot. Dan, Colin and Amanda headed up to You-Pull-It in Lynwood to gather used alternators for the project. Bringing in used alternators for the model was a great opportunity to include recycled parts into our model design. Four hours later with 12 alternators pulled, we stopped off at Olive Garden for some fine dining. We were definitely the filthiest people in the restaurant.
Following all you can eat breadsticks and cheese, we headed to the Schuck’s on Ballinger Way and met Zach and Jonathan, two incredibly helpful guys that tested all 12 of our alternators for free and hooked us up with some parts we needed in honor of Earth Day. Then we headed to Home Depot – which creepily reminds me of my childhood, to collect some other things we needed. Then we set off the to UW lab to test our goods.
Step 3. Building a prototype. Our first crack at the prototype was pretty Gerry-rigged. As you can see in the photo, we attempted to hook up a unit to test the current while spinning the alternator with the bike wheel. This attempt wasn’t able to tell us how much power we can actually generate; however, it did show that our plan will work with the correct set up. Unfortunately, at this time we didn’t have all the parts to build the first prototype. So we headed off to Teddy’s Tavern to call it a night and celebrate a hard day of work.
Coming up next: Building the Prototype Take 2.

Quick Save The World!

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Note to Earthlings: Turns out we’ve been using up a butt load of our natural resources over the passed 250 years and it’s becoming quite the environmental dilemma. To sum up more scientifically, I’ll refer to Mario 3. In Mario 3 when you have 99 lives and two full panels of Mario World Contents you tend to play the game with a sort of carefree reckless bravado than before. Soon your attempting dangerous leaps in high risk scenarios and frivolously wasting your, frog suits, whistles, leafs, and other wondrous paraphernalia. Well this was Earth at the beginning of the 19th century (1800s) when resources were seemingly endless. Fast forward a couple hundred years and our world is looking like this!


Jones Hits Up SXSW

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Jones hit up Austin Texas’ Music and Film Festival South by Southwest last weekend for the second year running.  SXSW, better summed up as Mardi Gras II, is a cacophony of youngsters flooding Austin’s 6th street downtown, hopping in and out of venues and bars listening to the hundreds of bands that come to this musical summit every year.  Well this year we specifically sponsored the event, Mess With Texas, created by comedian David Cross.


In proper Jones form we barreled the RV into Austin and found a spot to post up right behind the stage of Mess With Texas.  As the masses rolled in we tossed them free shirts, soda, Jones Gaba, and pretty much anything else that would detach from the RV.  In between bands Keith Morris from The Circle Jerks came into the Jones RV to chill out before the show and prepare his set list.



Once the show got fully under way we posted up on

top of the RV much l

ike in a Zombie crisis scenario and had our socks rocked off by the Black Lips, Kid sister, Japanther, Shrines, and many more.


The Future is Here

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Mitchie & SKy
Jones is a young company. Few people at Jones have been here more than 3 years, a select few have been here 5+.Two of those people are Mitchie Brusco (7 years) and Sky Siljeg (9 years).The catch is that Mitchie is 12 and Sky is 14.Yes you heard that right, these little hellions have been gleaming the cube for Jones since the expression “gleaming the cube” still made sense
Mitchie most recently has been selected to be part of Disney Channel and Fuel TV’s Next X program. Out of a pool of 1,000 Mitchie was selected along with 2 other kids as the next up and coming extreme athlete superstar.Mitchie will get a chance to ride with some of the biggest names in the industry and get a chance to showcase his skills.>Mitchie has also been skying ramps 4 times and crushing skaters twice his age.Check out Mitchie’s arsenal of tricks.

Up next Sky Siljeg. This kid, shall I say man-child, has been dominating the pro bowl cup so far this year. Already ranked 6th in the nation, I’ll say again, 6TH IN THE NATION, in bowl riding. He is currently on tour right now with the Vans bus, but other than that you can see him catching a line at Stevens Pass when he’s not shredding pavement or on his spot on Fuel TV coming up later next month. Check him out.