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Holla at my Dogs!

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Most offices don’t allow pets, or sometimes there’s one lame office pet like a parakeet or box turtle (I apologize to all parakeet & box turtle enthusiasts), but then again Jones Soda Co. is not most offices.  I guess I’ve already built this up to be something a little too crazy, it’s not like we have pterodactyls and Luck Dragons in here, but we do have a plethora of sweet dogs.  Don’t believe me? Well introducing our Dogs of all Seasons calender!  All photos are tasteful and non-airbrushed.

Mr. Einstein


Actually a prodigy of his era, Einstein was far advanced from his peers at the tender age of one (dog years) was inducted into Dogsa, an off-chute of Mensa for canines of extraordinary intelligence.  You can see from the far off look in his eyes he is contemplating deep questions of life, death, and the red ball in my hand as I take the picture.  He’s a visionary and a scholar and a member of the Jones team.

Fact: Einstein is the only dog to ever be on a Jones vending machine.

Gracie and Lychee

Gracie & Litchie

These two…dogs are a package deal, Gracie (the dark one) lives a bit more of a crazy life, wild hair, wild parties, and I think the leopard print sheets speak for herself.  Litchie is the ying to Gracie’s yang.  The more responsible of the two, this sister looks out for the fam, bearing their family crest on their neck they terrorize the Ops office upstairs keeping intruders out.



Haley is a pooch on a mission, she don’t mess around.  Normally rocking a Jones bandanna, sticking her head out the side of her convertible, or taking Emmas, her close friend and roommate, for a walk.  She enjoys food, boats, food, and fun.  What a Gal!



Don’t let the soft sprinkled pedals and chic tub fool you, this is one hardened Mountain Dog! The youngest of the resident dogs, what he lacks in overall worldly knowledge he makes up in mountain instinct and stone cold looks.  Look for him to blossom into a strapping young canine and an office lady killer.


Mr. Mung

Don’t let this picture fool you, this is definitely the smallest dog at Jones Soda, weighing in at a whopping 4lbs Mr. Mung is the smallest member of the canine club.  Most likely some Jones employees will not know of Mr. Mung existence until this blog due to his small stature and ability to hide in the clothes of his good friend Hannah.



Clearly the inspiration for Tennessee Williams Character from “A Street Car Named Desire” Stella, she has also spawned a great sketch comedy show that most people think was influenced by “The State,” which is ridiculous.  Another relative baby in the dog world, she is learning quickly and is the first dog you see every morning at the reception desk.



Don’t let this picture fool you either, this is the bow of a Princess Royale cruise boat, this is the biggest golden retriever in the history of retrievers.  Tucker, better known as Clifford the big red dog, some how crams himself into the smallest office in the building.  Known most prevalently for his slow motion 360s and bucking bronco dance move, he is the only dog we have that might have some luck dragon blood in him.happyfalk_000

There are still some dogs at large in this calender so we end in July.  To make up for this injustice I leave you with this.

No Free Soda in House :(

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Sorry Jonesers, due to the awesomely long weekend we are not doing free soda Friday in office, I’ll see you guys next Friday! holla!

Ride for the Prize!

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Jones is gearing up for the Seattle to Portland this year and have been riding to work and on weekends to get themselves in prime Lance condition.  Sometimes it’s hard to convince people to ride 25 miles, so in order to do so you must create incentives.  This is much how the sales business works, create an incentive and your team will produce.  This tactic is widely used throughout the business community, although typically a cash incentive is the customary, but since when has Jones been customary.  Our loyal Jones Soldiers cruised all the way from Jones HQ to Red hook for the incentive of beautiful, frothy, IPAs, Amber, Blondes, ESBs, and Porters…in moderation of course.

From Legal, to Ops. to whatever Emily does we can all come together!

From Legal, to Ops. to whatever Emily does we can all come together!

As seen below, the kind peeps at Red hook treat us well.  Mark won the Brat eating contest with 7, second place was Amanda with 1.  Needless to say, the day was full of laughs, crashes were kept to a mimimum (Judy), and everyone got 50 miles closer to tackling the STP! So when you see the Jones Team mobbing to Portland with a big ‘Ol RV behind them picking up stragglers and feeding them Jones Gaba and 24c, shout us out and we’ll throw you some Jones product too!  Later Friends, we’ll see you on the streets!

Check out Rob's racing shirt accompanied w/ some B-Ham Guns...oooh

Check out Rob's racing shirt accompanied w/ some B-Ham Guns...oooh

Hispanic Jones

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They’re Here!!!!Jones Soda has come out with a Hispanic Soda! Jones refresco de caña pura comes in 4 delicious flavors, Limon(Lime), Tutti Frutti(Fruit Punch), Crema De Piña (Pineapple Cream), y Naranja Mandarina (Mandarin Orange).   So far this hispanic soda fad is sweeping the Southwest so if you’re in the vecinity, it’s looking  bueno for you!  For the rest of the nation just sit tight and wish upon an estrella that Jones Hispanic soda will come your way.

So I leave you with one of the best cinematic scenes in history dubbed in Spanish.

Lost in Spacecraft

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Local Seattle clothing and art design company Spacecraft (our next door neighbors) are teaming up with Mad Bunny to throw a bad ass art show on this Friday, May 22nd from 5-10pm.  If that wasn’t enough all of the proceeds for the clothing and art you buy goes to the support of the Bali School Fund For Kids!  This is a charity very close to the heart of our neighbors because they started Bali making their clothes  and still frequent there. master So head to 9th and Thomas in South Lake Union Seattle and see the works of Stefan Hofman, Japan’s Mad Bunny, Pat Wright,  and Lib Tech’s artists Quincy Quigg and Ryan Davis.  Also you can dabble in the acoustical guitar strummage of Scott Sullivan and watch Jones Soda’s own sponsored Athlete Sky Siljeg throw some gnarly tricks on his board and maybe even dazzle us with some original artwork. The Bar across the street Venik, will be serving Jones Soda Hispanic Limon cocktails to Jonesers of age and it should be an all out rager so grab some friends and check out some sweet artwork, clothes, hats, and photos that all benefit the Bali School for Kids Fund and leave with some sweet gear! Check out Spacecraft on the web and remember to follow us on Twitter and Facebook fools.

Sky Siljeg, Jones Soda Athlete, skying high at the Bowl-A-Rama

Sky Siljeg, Jones Soda Athlete, skying high at the Bowl-A-Rama


The Future is Now! Gaba-bots

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Segway tossing out Free Jones Gaba!

Segway tossing out Free Jones Gaba!

In a city like Chicago you gotta make moves, yet moves can be tiring while rolling around a Jones Gaba Cooler barrel.  Sollution, hire a Jones Gaba-Bot to control it.  Constructing one of these is easy, just take a Jones Gaba Cooler barrell and mount it on a Segway!

Jones Gaba (not an energy drink) is our new tea-juice blend containing  Gaba (weird).  Gaba is a natural amino acid that occurs in your brain and increases your alpha brain waves.  More alpha brain waves creates a calming and focus in your body or a feeling of  in “the zone” .  This brain beverage is great for studying, gaming, or brief levitation.  It comes in 4 flavors: Nectarine, Fuji Apple, Grapefruit, and Lemon Honey Black Tea.

Citizens of Chicago, if this beverage peaks your interest, head to Wrigleyville before the Cubs game tomorrow and find the Gaba-bot  before it’s too late.  Rumor is Sweet Lou has 3 Jones Gabas before every game and that’s why he’s so calm.  Don’t believe me that Gaba works, check out our team at  Jones HQ playing MIND BALL!!!

Gabanator: Seek and Focus

Gabanator: Seek and Focus

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You Down with STP

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Who’s down with STP? Everylast Jones Hom-ie! No we’re not talking about Motor Oil or the Stone Temple Pilots, the Jones Team is trainging hard for the annual Seattle to Portland ride! Now I know what you’re thinking,

“Don’t only evil people ride bikes?”

gulch04And the answer is no, that is a common stereotype that we are trying to eradicate.

Our training started off with powering our entire office with Stationary bikes for Earth Day! Since then our Jones Team has been riding non-stop.  Every week our Gung Ho HR director Susan has us ferrying over to All-Star fitness in groups for Spin Class so we  can sweat out MF Grape droplets while listening to Lady Gaga!

CEO Joth Ricci and the Amazing Spinning Women!

CEO Joth Ricci and the Amazing Spinning Women!

Aside from some intense spinning our team typically meets for weekend rides or rides their bikes to work.  Unfortunately everyone can’t be a young Lance Armstrong so the Jones RV will be trailing our team stocked with food, water, camping supplies, and plenty of Gaba and 24c.   The road will be tough and arduous, but having healthy employees is important so Jones will continue to train for the STP and will gladly challenge Coke or Pepsi to a spin-off anyday of the week.  Well bye for now, I gotta go ride to Whole Foods and get myself some man-fuel.  Those STP-ing it up, we’ll see you there, and for the rest of the planet I will film it in a montage format to the tune of “You sexy thang” by Hot Chocolate.  Don’t forgot to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!


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What we do!

  • Glass:100% recyclable, 15-20% post-consumer recycled material used to manufacture
  • Light-weighting PET for 24C: Reduction in energy to produce and reduction of material in land-fill
  • Cardboard reduction in carriers: Approximate 7.0% reduction in amount of cardboard used; equivalent of over 150,000 carriers per year! Reduction of material in land-fill and 100% recyclable
  • Labels: 100% recyclable
  • Bottling: New partnerships developed in LA and Memphis to reduce fuel and carbon emissions
  • Branding/Marketing: Using label and 4-pack real estate to promote recycling through special series of recycling-themed labels in 2008


  • To minimize use, consumption or disposal of all non sustainable materials
  • Encourage recycling
  • Make environmentally responsible purchases
  • Plan efficient transportation at an employee level and freight level
  • Further the sustainability of packaging and materials in office

How we’re going to do it!

  • Only print when absolutely necessary, printing on both sides and using an eco-friendly font.
  • Conserving as much electricity as possible: turning equipment and lights off after business hours.
  • Eliminate all disposable flatware and plates in the office and create a compost bin for food scraps and paper products.
  • Purchase papers with 80% recycled material or higher, buy local to decrease freight, purchase low VOC carpets, paints, etc.
  • Increase telecommunications capabilities to decrease traveling for meetings, set up inner-office carpool program, and purchase C02 emissions to offset air travel.
  • Increase environmental awareness in the office through meetings, emails, message boards, and blogs.
  • Create flex-time or condensed work weeks to decrease carbon footprint of commuting as well as energy used in office.
  • Encourage employees to bike and/or walk to work.