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Who is Preston Pollard?

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Preston Pollard has been riding for the Jones Flo team fro about 2 years now.  From the fridgid mountains of Alaska, Preston learned to Skate despite sub-zero temperatures during days without sunrise.  Preston left board-sliding frozen park benches for the sunny streets of Hollywood!  He now get’s his skating in 365 and enjoysg the lavish life of being on MTV shows like Parental Control, radio interviews, and interviewing up-and-comers like i-carly’s Drake Kemper.  Preston is no stranger to talking, believe me, so he continues to meet people and rep Jones and himself in LA.  Through all of Preston’s success though he remains humble and thankful for what he has been given.  He preaches this same message to students at schools around the country.  He tells kids to follow their dreams but remain grateful for everything they’ve been given.  He’s sort of like a young Alaskan Tony Rabbins, with a little less of a Lurch from Adams Family thing going on.

He is one of three recent Jones Flo Riders to have his own bottle run along with skateboarders Sky Siljeg and Mitchie Brusco. He’s having a bottle release party in a couple weeks back home in Alaska. Now 20 years old, he is still kick-flipping, just over palm trees instead of igloos (kidding of course) and repping Jones!  Keep an eye out for this LA resident BA because it’s only a matter of time before he blows it up and makes it big.  In the words of Prestone “AK Stand Up!”  In the words of Jones, create some change and run with the little guy.  And finally in the words of Howard Dean…Yeaaaaaah!!!