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The Deadliest Burger Catch

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The second annual Grill Games took off this Wednesday at Jones Soda and spatulas were flying.  Last year Eric, our operations wizard, won using trick machinery by smoking his pork in Battle Ribs, this year Battle Burger got underway and the kitchen (Webber grills on our roof) was heating up!  But this would be no ordinary burger cook-off, the secret ingredient in every burger was Jones Soda! So who’s cuisine would reign supreme, well to decide that we invited a smattering of local celebrity judges:

Captain Sig Hansen: Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch Captain of the Northwest and Local BA


Erik “The Red” Denmark: Competitive eater and 8th place finisher in the annual Coney Island Nathan’s Hot Dog eating championship with 38 dogs in 10 minutes


Mark Wright: KCPQ 13 Fox TV Anchor


Brian Canlis: Co-Owner of Nationally Revered Canlis Restaurant in Seattle, WA


Luke and Jen: Host and Producer for 97.3 Kiro Radio’s show TBTL


Alexa: Jones STP Cycling Coach/Michael Jackson DJ


As our esteemed panel of Judges began to settle the Jones chefs got right to it and let me tell you the heat was on in Jones Chef Stadium.  The roof of Jones is metallic silver so on a normal 80 degree such as Wednesday, it’s about 95 degrees while you’re leaning over a hot grill trying to create burger perfection.  Nonetheless the battle for best burger was at stake and each chef was gunning for a year’s worth of bragging rights with a Grill Games Crown.  Like clockwork burgers starting flooding towards the judges panel, spicy, cheesy, bacon-y, greasy, salty, onion-y, and peppery patties found there way one after another in front of our judges placed atop fresh baked ciabatta, brioche, and whatever else anyone could create.  As the bevy of burgers continued to flood in the judges started to sit further back in their seat, loosening their belt loops, aside from Erik “The Red” Denmark who had worn elastic and finished every burger, side, and the majority of Captain Sig’s dinner as well. Burger Grill Off 113 Slowly as stomachs settled and we provided several guest judges with Jones Antacid Flavor soda the grill smoke had cleared and our panel had made it’s decisions.  The 2009 champion of the second annual Grill Games went to team Milberglar!  Although fellow Jonesers wanted an appeal when they learned his secret ingredient used was Jones Soda water.  Alas a victor was named and a crowd of Seattlites were fed glorious burgers until they hurt.Burger Grill Off 226 Thanks again to Captain Sig, who endured numerous pirate comments and Discovery Channel-esque real time narrating as he ate his burgers, “A now let’s go to the Captain of the Northwestern, he looks sullen and full…will he be able to finish this last burger?!”.  Thanks to Mr. Red who is going to come back and break the World Record for most 12 oz beverages consumed in 5 minutes! Thanks to Jen and Luke from 97.3 for rocking out with us, thanks to Brian Canlis who brought his culinary refined pallet to an event with a bunch of amateur chefs and made us feel special.  Thanks to Mark Wright for swinging by and not only judging but covering the event, and lastly thanks to Alexa for training us for the STP only so we could eat a ton of burgers weeks later and get fat again!

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Check out the winning menu item:


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Thanks Uncle Samuel

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In 1776 some BA dudes in wigs got together for the release party of the Declaration of Independence.  Fast Forward to today and there’s still buzz about the declaration! Sit on that JK Rowling!  So how should we celebrate? A series of controlled explosions, over-eating, leave work early two days prior to a holiday because you can, make sure to apply NO sunscreen so you can be that guy on Monday, wear red white and blue pants, listen to Lee Greenwood sing “God Bless the USA”, well if you have done at least one if not a combination of these things we at Jones salute you!   Summer time is about the great outdoors, slip n’ slides, sneaking out, continually playing little league baseball against your own will, or forgetting everything you learned in school the year prior.  So this 4th, in typical American fashion, try to do it all at once.  Maybe that means sneaking out of your little league game on a slip n’ slide into The Great Outdoors.  Or, maybe it means just taking it easy for a weekend, or maybe you should stop reading things at your computer and freaking leave!!! Either way, have a sweet ass 4th and if you’re looking for a tasty and mysterious summer flavored concoction grab some Jones Jumble on your way out.