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Ride for the Prize!

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Jones is gearing up for the Seattle to Portland this year and have been riding to work and on weekends to get themselves in prime Lance condition.  Sometimes it’s hard to convince people to ride 25 miles, so in order to do so you must create incentives.  This is much how the sales business works, create an incentive and your team will produce.  This tactic is widely used throughout the business community, although typically a cash incentive is the customary, but since when has Jones been customary.  Our loyal Jones Soldiers cruised all the way from Jones HQ to Red hook for the incentive of beautiful, frothy, IPAs, Amber, Blondes, ESBs, and Porters…in moderation of course.

From Legal, to Ops. to whatever Emily does we can all come together!

From Legal, to Ops. to whatever Emily does we can all come together!

As seen below, the kind peeps at Red hook treat us well.  Mark won the Brat eating contest with 7, second place was Amanda with 1.  Needless to say, the day was full of laughs, crashes were kept to a mimimum (Judy), and everyone got 50 miles closer to tackling the STP! So when you see the Jones Team mobbing to Portland with a big ‘Ol RV behind them picking up stragglers and feeding them Jones Gaba and 24c, shout us out and we’ll throw you some Jones product too!  Later Friends, we’ll see you on the streets!

Check out Rob's racing shirt accompanied w/ some B-Ham Guns...oooh

Check out Rob's racing shirt accompanied w/ some B-Ham Guns...oooh

Hispanic Jones

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They’re Here!!!!Jones Soda has come out with a Hispanic Soda! Jones refresco de caña pura comes in 4 delicious flavors, Limon(Lime), Tutti Frutti(Fruit Punch), Crema De Piña (Pineapple Cream), y Naranja Mandarina (Mandarin Orange).   So far this hispanic soda fad is sweeping the Southwest so if you’re in the vecinity, it’s looking  bueno for you!  For the rest of the nation just sit tight and wish upon an estrella that Jones Hispanic soda will come your way.

So I leave you with one of the best cinematic scenes in history dubbed in Spanish.

Lost in Spacecraft

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Local Seattle clothing and art design company Spacecraft (our next door neighbors) are teaming up with Mad Bunny to throw a bad ass art show on this Friday, May 22nd from 5-10pm.  If that wasn’t enough all of the proceeds for the clothing and art you buy goes to the support of the Bali School Fund For Kids!  This is a charity very close to the heart of our neighbors because they started Bali making their clothes  and still frequent there. master So head to 9th and Thomas in South Lake Union Seattle and see the works of Stefan Hofman, Japan’s Mad Bunny, Pat Wright,  and Lib Tech’s artists Quincy Quigg and Ryan Davis.  Also you can dabble in the acoustical guitar strummage of Scott Sullivan and watch Jones Soda’s own sponsored Athlete Sky Siljeg throw some gnarly tricks on his board and maybe even dazzle us with some original artwork. The Bar across the street Venik, will be serving Jones Soda Hispanic Limon cocktails to Jonesers of age and it should be an all out rager so grab some friends and check out some sweet artwork, clothes, hats, and photos that all benefit the Bali School for Kids Fund and leave with some sweet gear! Check out Spacecraft on the web and remember to follow us on Twitter and Facebook fools.

Sky Siljeg, Jones Soda Athlete, skying high at the Bowl-A-Rama

Sky Siljeg, Jones Soda Athlete, skying high at the Bowl-A-Rama


The Future is Now! Gaba-bots

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Segway tossing out Free Jones Gaba!

Segway tossing out Free Jones Gaba!

In a city like Chicago you gotta make moves, yet moves can be tiring while rolling around a Jones Gaba Cooler barrel.  Sollution, hire a Jones Gaba-Bot to control it.  Constructing one of these is easy, just take a Jones Gaba Cooler barrell and mount it on a Segway!

Jones Gaba (not an energy drink) is our new tea-juice blend containing  Gaba (weird).  Gaba is a natural amino acid that occurs in your brain and increases your alpha brain waves.  More alpha brain waves creates a calming and focus in your body or a feeling of  in “the zone” .  This brain beverage is great for studying, gaming, or brief levitation.  It comes in 4 flavors: Nectarine, Fuji Apple, Grapefruit, and Lemon Honey Black Tea.

Citizens of Chicago, if this beverage peaks your interest, head to Wrigleyville before the Cubs game tomorrow and find the Gaba-bot  before it’s too late.  Rumor is Sweet Lou has 3 Jones Gabas before every game and that’s why he’s so calm.  Don’t believe me that Gaba works, check out our team at  Jones HQ playing MIND BALL!!!

Gabanator: Seek and Focus

Gabanator: Seek and Focus

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You Down with STP

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Who’s down with STP? Everylast Jones Hom-ie! No we’re not talking about Motor Oil or the Stone Temple Pilots, the Jones Team is trainging hard for the annual Seattle to Portland ride! Now I know what you’re thinking,

“Don’t only evil people ride bikes?”

gulch04And the answer is no, that is a common stereotype that we are trying to eradicate.

Our training started off with powering our entire office with Stationary bikes for Earth Day! Since then our Jones Team has been riding non-stop.  Every week our Gung Ho HR director Susan has us ferrying over to All-Star fitness in groups for Spin Class so we  can sweat out MF Grape droplets while listening to Lady Gaga!

CEO Joth Ricci and the Amazing Spinning Women!

CEO Joth Ricci and the Amazing Spinning Women!

Aside from some intense spinning our team typically meets for weekend rides or rides their bikes to work.  Unfortunately everyone can’t be a young Lance Armstrong so the Jones RV will be trailing our team stocked with food, water, camping supplies, and plenty of Gaba and 24c.   The road will be tough and arduous, but having healthy employees is important so Jones will continue to train for the STP and will gladly challenge Coke or Pepsi to a spin-off anyday of the week.  Well bye for now, I gotta go ride to Whole Foods and get myself some man-fuel.  Those STP-ing it up, we’ll see you there, and for the rest of the planet I will film it in a montage format to the tune of “You sexy thang” by Hot Chocolate.  Don’t forgot to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!


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What we do!

  • Glass:100% recyclable, 15-20% post-consumer recycled material used to manufacture
  • Light-weighting PET for 24C: Reduction in energy to produce and reduction of material in land-fill
  • Cardboard reduction in carriers: Approximate 7.0% reduction in amount of cardboard used; equivalent of over 150,000 carriers per year! Reduction of material in land-fill and 100% recyclable
  • Labels: 100% recyclable
  • Bottling: New partnerships developed in LA and Memphis to reduce fuel and carbon emissions
  • Branding/Marketing: Using label and 4-pack real estate to promote recycling through special series of recycling-themed labels in 2008


  • To minimize use, consumption or disposal of all non sustainable materials
  • Encourage recycling
  • Make environmentally responsible purchases
  • Plan efficient transportation at an employee level and freight level
  • Further the sustainability of packaging and materials in office

How we’re going to do it!

  • Only print when absolutely necessary, printing on both sides and using an eco-friendly font.
  • Conserving as much electricity as possible: turning equipment and lights off after business hours.
  • Eliminate all disposable flatware and plates in the office and create a compost bin for food scraps and paper products.
  • Purchase papers with 80% recycled material or higher, buy local to decrease freight, purchase low VOC carpets, paints, etc.
  • Increase telecommunications capabilities to decrease traveling for meetings, set up inner-office carpool program, and purchase C02 emissions to offset air travel.
  • Increase environmental awareness in the office through meetings, emails, message boards, and blogs.
  • Create flex-time or condensed work weeks to decrease carbon footprint of commuting as well as energy used in office.
  • Encourage employees to bike and/or walk to work.

Jones Deown Undah

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What do you think about when you think about Australia? Kangaroos, Boomerangs, Fosters, Crocodile Dundee, Koalas, Australian Biscuits, Rescuers Down Under, or the movie Australia, well if that’s the case then you’re all a bunch of stereotyping fools.  Now when you do your Australian accent to impress your friends say, “Jones…Australian for Soda” or “a Dingo drank my Jones!”  (our stereotypes were used for shameless Jones plugs and we are now no better than you).  Why should you make this connection you ask, because we’re in South Australia right now so check out this skate demo and Jones sampling!

Turns out the Australians like to ride too, and what better fuel than a delicious sugary beverage! Don’t believe, take renowned celebrity actors opinions Russel Crowe and Hugh Jackman! I mean who knows Australia better than these two!

Russ and Hugh taking a break from riding to enjoy some Jones

With camera crews, press, and tons of people coming to mini-jonesers and celebrities alike riding together you can imagine that there was a great deal of excitement.  Some handled this excitement quite well…and others did not.happy

This goes to show that Jones in any country, any atmosphere, and regardless of who shows up is a solid option and always makes for a good time.  Thanks Austrailia for taking us in, there will be plenty more Jones there soon for the lot of you that haven’t found it yet.  As we speak there is a container full of Jones sitting on a tanker right now somewhere in the Pacific headed your way, so G’day and goodbye my friends from Down Under, hopefully I will be visiting you soon!


Never get into a battle of wits w/ and Austrailain when Death is on the line

Earth Day, we came, we biked, we conquered

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Seagal, Bike Enthusiast, Giant Bird, Seahawks Safety, and local citizen

It was a day of momentous effort from the entire Jones office to keep our company fully operational with strictly Pedal Power!  I’d like to say it was easy but I would be lying, pedaling from 5:30am until 5:00pm damn near killed me.  I slept like a baby when I got home that night, and not in the actual sense of sleeping like a baby like I normally do where I sleep for 2-3 hours and then wake up crying but more like I passed out with the lights on and my contacts in.

As you can see from the picture above we had some help, and believe me we needed it.  Not one of those people pictured above was an employee, so the community powered our office so we could actually get some work done, even though Blitz (the Hawk dressed in a football uniform with crazy huge biceps) was looking a bit famished in this shot.  It was inspiring to be able to do something great for our environment, and also great for the community and have the support of so many people without asking a thing in return.  Colin McFeron from Recycled Cycles donated all the bikes, built them, and rode all day long.  Dan Gross from the University of Washington Applied Physics Lab diagrammed out the entire process, calculated every Kilowatt of power necessary to pull this off, and wired, constructed, and tested everything to ensure we were generating enough power.  Chris Ager, an engineer and friend of Colin and Dan also helped build all the bikes and work the circuitry.  Interstate Batteries donated all the batteries necessary to pull this off, Piecora donated pizza for everyone for the day, Tap Plastic donated the plastic mounts for the bikes, and Seahawks, Seagals, former Seattle Supersonic James Donaldson, and many people from the community assisted us in making this happen.


Through the glitz and the glam of all the media coverage Jones stayed low key and managed to get out orders, crunch numbers, and cut POs.  Next year we will have to do it bigger so we’ll need suggestions.  Maybe power the whole street, the whole block, or even the White House! Either way saving the environment is contagious, especially when you’re all hopped up on endorphins.  So now in no particular order awards for Earth Day!:

Most BA Rider: 58 year old guy of the street who pedaled harder than anyone else for an hour and half in rocking bike shorts. When he cramped up we thought he’d get off but like a prize-fighter in the 10th round he just asked for a banana, skinned it, and powered through.

Longest accumulated Bike Time: Susan from HR (self proclaimed)

Most time spent waving into the web cam without actually riding: Emily Sales Associate

MVP: Amanda Drummond from Marketing

Least Favorite Bike: #14 Death Bike (the gear setting was twice as hard as any other bike)

Best Cameo: Old Sea Captain wearing a Shawn Kemp Jersey

Best Awkward Interview Angle: Josh Groff, ground shot in between legs.

Thanks again to everyone for the long hours spent, the thousands of revolutions pedaled, and the love shown.  Here are some pics for the day and some links to stories written about us.


This just in, Future Mayor Donaldson is HUUUUGE!


Blitz Stealing peeps out of their office and making them ride.


This is the guy who rode harder than everyone else, no joke


What can brown do for you?

Blitz Rides like a gangsta

Blitz Rides like a gangsta

Thanks again everyone! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and friend us on Facebook!

Last Minute Earth Day Prep

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With every great plan comes obstacles, as for our kick ass plan to power our entire office with pedal power (generated from stationary bikes hooked up to batteries) there have been some snafus.  The parts you ordered didn’t arrive, or arrived and didn’t work, or everything is going to plan but there are a bunch of rogue engineer friends in your office handling their business and you can’t help them because you have no idea how to solder so you blog about it.


As we improvise into the night our crew grows weary, so we order pizza and drink…soda.   Rob from Opps fires up his I-Pod and we rock to some Phil Collins Su Su Sudio.   So far I’ve been to Wallingford, Tukwila, and then back to Wallingford getting new V Belts, chargeable flash lights, and an aerodynamic outfit for my stationary bike ride tomorrow.  Josh was thrown for a loop temporarily when shown his bike seat due to his Wyoming upbringing he had never parted with his banana seat/front ET basket combo. earth-day-prep-018

Focus has been regained though and we will keep you posted via Twitter, Facebook, Morse Code, and smoke signals so we’ll keep you posted but head in tomorrow and check us out!


Tales from the County & Mo-Lasses

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Jones Soda Co is a little bit of a different company, agreed. So we tend to attract a little bit of a different crowd. This tends to be awesome because we end up with a lot of sweet stuff that we get to play with.

Firstly, when is the last time a prisoner drew you a picture, well for us it was earlier this week. Our friend Laura at Yakima County spent her consolatory time sketching a sweet-ass Jones picture for us.