Time to get Spooky!!!!!

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Well, after about 5 years, Jones Soda is bringing our Halloween cans back! Featuring Halloween portraits of popular character’s, including a werewolf, Frankenstein, a zombie and a vampire. Available in four unique, traditional Halloween flavors, including Candy Corn, Red Licorice, Caramel Apple and Blood Orange. The 8oz limited edition cans will be sold in a four-pack at all of Target’s U.S. stores (approximately 1,700), Cost Plus World Market, Hastings Entertainment and Schnucks for a retail price of $2.79-2.99.

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2 Responses to “Time to get Spooky!!!!!”

  1. Austin Bollinger says:

    I love your soda, I’ve grown up on it and I think that your green apple flavor is probably my favorite! Keep making delicious soda.

  2. steve w says:

    Okay – I’m not sure how else to contact Jones, although I suppose I could easily find out if I at least tried. Still, this seems to be an appropriate arena as it has a few of the elements I intend to mention. I’m a frustrated, yet loyal, share holder. With the Hansen’s soda story in mind I invested in Jones. I lost my butt. I’ve now taken yet another large position – but, I intend to be aware of my butt’s location and not lose it again. There are many “ifs, &s, and butts” the marketing team can consider. Ex: if we can get the Huntington Beach crowd to pay attention -pretty girls, handsome guys….then try doing it in the bars. Sweet cocktails made from Jones Sodas. Frozen “Jones Cones” “Jones Bones” “Jones Zones” (using energy sodas”. The possibilities are endless. I could easily write a Jones song with clever lyrics and suggestions….easy little marketing package. & = have some insane contest in the bars -your team is more than creative enough to develop this kind of idea. Butt, there is more: Sponsor a “Surf Contest”. JONES SODA logos everywhere! Banners, bleachers..on the pier, on T-Shirts, beach towels, surf boards…start by “infecting” local businesses with JONES items: T-Shirts, towels, shorts, hats, inexpensive sno-cone machines with JONES logos..concoctions made of Jones products- maybe start at the “open air” market next to the pier. Liability concerns? C’mon, there’s nothing like a responsible Jones. Besides the fact that local vendors, specifically licensed alcohol vendors serving Jones libations, are already liable for controlling their services. I’m not implying that the marketing focus be shifted to adult entertainment – maybe “expanded” a bit would be a better term. Some of these concepts for marketing could be creatively done with very little capital. The entire JONES SODA conceptual value is just begging to take off – marketing being the key. Create some attention! Be smart and target places where folks are partying across the continent. Young creatures, sun tanned and risky, energy drink consuming, sexy and visible. Put Jones Soda in local liquor stores – deliver it in your own cars, cheaply. Let gestation and infestation occur until it spreads to the mass marketed locations. I see Jones stocked on shelves in grocery stores with dust on the bottles. It’s there though! A paradigm shift in marketing is needed to get it to fly off the self. Jones is not going to disappear. Someone needs to step outside of the box and aggressively give the brand a push until it gains the momentum that will make Hansen’s story seem like a fairy tale. Okay, enough of me. I’ll hold the stock for another year or so, and if it starts to move….I’ll buy tens of thousands more shares. You’re sitting on a gold mine! But ya gotta stop sitting! Inertia! Yours Truly, Guitar Steve.

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