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Let’s get to know some people in the office!

Jones Soda is a young and diverse company composed of people from all walks of life. To help you understand the brand a little better we want you to know the people behind the brand. And now in non-predictable fashion we will play a PowerPoint slideshow of our staff smiling around the office and volunteering at charity events while making sure not to put anyone of ethnic diversity back to back in the slideshow so as to appear to have maximum diversity within the office…or we’ll just put embarrassing photo shop pictures of past and present employees on here. We thought you’d like that better.


Claude LeForge-Warehouse Technician

We actually found Claude in the warehouse the day the company started. No one seems to know a lot about his past. He issued us this picture and had us sign a form stating that we would get some sort of tax break.


Doug Jericho-Long Hall Trucker

Doug’s been trucking across the amber waves of grain for ten years now. By 11:00am he’s usually a case of Whoopass deep belting out Bonnie Raitt lyrics in his Big Rig 18-Wheeler up to his arm pits in corndog sticks and bean and cheese burrito wrappers. Doug also set a Guinness Book record for longest trucker honk clear across the state of North Dakota and partially into Montana.

Jimmy Rigs

Jimmy Rigatoni-Sales Guru

This man could sell a Fufu Berry popsicle to a woman in white gloves (and did). Jimmy Rigatoni AKA Jimmy Capone has been slanging soda since 1996 as part of the government’s witness relocation err government awesome job placement program.


Judd Friendmaker-International Relations

Judd has been consulting with our Canadian comrades for the last 6 years at Jones Soda Co. Recently he’s gone abroad to land Jones in Ireland, Japan, and Australia. Judd is fluent in over 17 languages, an Eagle Scout, and accomplished pastry chef. Most recently he was Key Note Speaker at the UN Council and is being approached for a book but is holding out due to his distaste for yuppie dribble.

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