Earth Day, we came, we biked, we conquered

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It was a day of momentous effort from the entire Jones office to keep our company fully operational with strictly Pedal Power!  I’d like to say it was easy but I would be lying, pedaling from 5:30am until 5:00pm damn near killed me.  I slept like a baby when I got home that night, and not in the actual sense of sleeping like a baby like I normally do where I sleep for 2-3 hours and then wake up crying but more like I passed out with the lights on and my contacts in.

As you can see from the picture above we had some help, and believe me we needed it.  Not one of those people pictured above was an employee, so the community powered our office so we could actually get some work done, even though Blitz (the Hawk dressed in a football uniform with crazy huge biceps) was looking a bit famished in this shot.  It was inspiring to be able to do something great for our environment, and also great for the community and have the support of so many people without asking a thing in return.  Colin McFeron from Recycled Cycles donated all the bikes, built them, and rode all day long.  Dan Gross from the University of Washington Applied Physics Lab diagrammed out the entire process, calculated every Kilowatt of power necessary to pull this off, and wired, constructed, and tested everything to ensure we were generating enough power.  Chris Ager, an engineer and friend of Colin and Dan also helped build all the bikes and work the circuitry.  Interstate Batteries donated all the batteries necessary to pull this off, Piecora donated pizza for everyone for the day, Tap Plastic donated the plastic mounts for the bikes, and Seahawks, Seagals, former Seattle Supersonic James Donaldson, and many people from the community assisted us in making this happen.


Through the glitz and the glam of all the media coverage Jones stayed low key and managed to get out orders, crunch numbers, and cut POs.  Next year we will have to do it bigger so we’ll need suggestions.  Maybe power the whole street, the whole block, or even the White House! Either way saving the environment is contagious, especially when you’re all hopped up on endorphins.  So now in no particular order awards for Earth Day!:

Most BA Rider: 58 year old guy of the street who pedaled harder than anyone else for an hour and half in rocking bike shorts. When he cramped up we thought he’d get off but like a prize-fighter in the 10th round he just asked for a banana, skinned it, and powered through.

Longest accumulated Bike Time: Susan from HR (self proclaimed)

Most time spent waving into the web cam without actually riding: Emily Sales Associate

MVP: Amanda Drummond from Marketing

Least Favorite Bike: #14 Death Bike (the gear setting was twice as hard as any other bike)

Best Cameo: Old Sea Captain wearing a Shawn Kemp Jersey

Best Awkward Interview Angle: Josh Groff, ground shot in between legs.

Thanks again to everyone for the long hours spent, the thousands of revolutions pedaled, and the love shown.  Here are some pics for the day and some links to stories written about us.


This just in, Future Mayor Donaldson is HUUUUGE!


Blitz Stealing peeps out of their office and making them ride.


This is the guy who rode harder than everyone else, no joke


What can brown do for you?

Blitz Rides like a gangsta

Blitz Rides like a gangsta

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