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What we do!

  • Glass:100% recyclable, 15-20% post-consumer recycled material used to manufacture
  • Light-weighting PET for 24C: Reduction in energy to produce and reduction of material in land-fill
  • Cardboard reduction in carriers: Approximate 7.0% reduction in amount of cardboard used; equivalent of over 150,000 carriers per year! Reduction of material in land-fill and 100% recyclable
  • Labels: 100% recyclable
  • Bottling: New partnerships developed in LA and Memphis to reduce fuel and carbon emissions
  • Branding/Marketing: Using label and 4-pack real estate to promote recycling through special series of recycling-themed labels in 2008


  • To minimize use, consumption or disposal of all non sustainable materials
  • Encourage recycling
  • Make environmentally responsible purchases
  • Plan efficient transportation at an employee level and freight level
  • Further the sustainability of packaging and materials in office

How we’re going to do it!

  • Only print when absolutely necessary, printing on both sides and using an eco-friendly font.
  • Conserving as much electricity as possible: turning equipment and lights off after business hours.
  • Eliminate all disposable flatware and plates in the office and create a compost bin for food scraps and paper products.
  • Purchase papers with 80% recycled material or higher, buy local to decrease freight, purchase low VOC carpets, paints, etc.
  • Increase telecommunications capabilities to decrease traveling for meetings, set up inner-office carpool program, and purchase C02 emissions to offset air travel.
  • Increase environmental awareness in the office through meetings, emails, message boards, and blogs.
  • Create flex-time or condensed work weeks to decrease carbon footprint of commuting as well as energy used in office.
  • Encourage employees to bike and/or walk to work.

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