Jones Deown Undah

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What do you think about when you think about Australia? Kangaroos, Boomerangs, Fosters, Crocodile Dundee, Koalas, Australian Biscuits, Rescuers Down Under, or the movie Australia, well if that’s the case then you’re all a bunch of stereotyping fools.  Now when you do your Australian accent to impress your friends say, “Jones…Australian for Soda” or “a Dingo drank my Jones!”  (our stereotypes were used for shameless Jones plugs and we are now no better than you).  Why should you make this connection you ask, because we’re in South Australia right now so check out this skate demo and Jones sampling!

Turns out the Australians like to ride too, and what better fuel than a delicious sugary beverage! Don’t believe, take renowned celebrity actors opinions Russel Crowe and Hugh Jackman! I mean who knows Australia better than these two!

Russ and Hugh taking a break from riding to enjoy some Jones

With camera crews, press, and tons of people coming to mini-jonesers and celebrities alike riding together you can imagine that there was a great deal of excitement.  Some handled this excitement quite well…and others did not.happy

This goes to show that Jones in any country, any atmosphere, and regardless of who shows up is a solid option and always makes for a good time.  Thanks Austrailia for taking us in, there will be plenty more Jones there soon for the lot of you that haven’t found it yet.  As we speak there is a container full of Jones sitting on a tanker right now somewhere in the Pacific headed your way, so G’day and goodbye my friends from Down Under, hopefully I will be visiting you soon!


Never get into a battle of wits w/ and Austrailain when Death is on the line

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