Last Minute Earth Day Prep

April 21st, 2009 by | Filed under Uncategorized.


With every great plan comes obstacles, as for our kick ass plan to power our entire office with pedal power (generated from stationary bikes hooked up to batteries) there have been some snafus.  The parts you ordered didn’t arrive, or arrived and didn’t work, or everything is going to plan but there are a bunch of rogue engineer friends in your office handling their business and you can’t help them because you have no idea how to solder so you blog about it.


As we improvise into the night our crew grows weary, so we order pizza and drink…soda.   Rob from Opps fires up his I-Pod and we rock to some Phil Collins Su Su Sudio.   So far I’ve been to Wallingford, Tukwila, and then back to Wallingford getting new V Belts, chargeable flash lights, and an aerodynamic outfit for my stationary bike ride tomorrow.  Josh was thrown for a loop temporarily when shown his bike seat due to his Wyoming upbringing he had never parted with his banana seat/front ET basket combo. earth-day-prep-018

Focus has been regained though and we will keep you posted via Twitter, Facebook, Morse Code, and smoke signals so we’ll keep you posted but head in tomorrow and check us out!


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