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Mitchie & SKy
Jones is a young company. Few people at Jones have been here more than 3 years, a select few have been here 5+.Two of those people are Mitchie Brusco (7 years) and Sky Siljeg (9 years).The catch is that Mitchie is 12 and Sky is 14.Yes you heard that right, these little hellions have been gleaming the cube for Jones since the expression “gleaming the cube” still made sense
Mitchie most recently has been selected to be part of Disney Channel and Fuel TV’s Next X program. Out of a pool of 1,000 Mitchie was selected along with 2 other kids as the next up and coming extreme athlete superstar.Mitchie will get a chance to ride with some of the biggest names in the industry and get a chance to showcase his skills.>Mitchie has also been skying ramps 4 times and crushing skaters twice his age.Check out Mitchie’s arsenal of tricks.

Up next Sky Siljeg. This kid, shall I say man-child, has been dominating the pro bowl cup so far this year. Already ranked 6th in the nation, I’ll say again, 6TH IN THE NATION, in bowl riding. He is currently on tour right now with the Vans bus, but other than that you can see him catching a line at Stevens Pass when he’s not shredding pavement or on his spot on Fuel TV coming up later next month. Check him out.

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