You Down with STP

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Who’s down with STP? Everylast Jones Hom-ie! No we’re not talking about Motor Oil or the Stone Temple Pilots, the Jones Team is trainging hard for the annual Seattle to Portland ride! Now I know what you’re thinking,

“Don’t only evil people ride bikes?”

gulch04And the answer is no, that is a common stereotype that we are trying to eradicate.

Our training started off with powering our entire office with Stationary bikes for Earth Day! Since then our Jones Team has been riding non-stop.  Every week our Gung Ho HR director Susan has us ferrying over to All-Star fitness in groups for Spin Class so we  can sweat out MF Grape droplets while listening to Lady Gaga!

CEO Joth Ricci and the Amazing Spinning Women!

CEO Joth Ricci and the Amazing Spinning Women!

Aside from some intense spinning our team typically meets for weekend rides or rides their bikes to work.  Unfortunately everyone can’t be a young Lance Armstrong so the Jones RV will be trailing our team stocked with food, water, camping supplies, and plenty of Gaba and 24c.   The road will be tough and arduous, but having healthy employees is important so Jones will continue to train for the STP and will gladly challenge Coke or Pepsi to a spin-off anyday of the week.  Well bye for now, I gotta go ride to Whole Foods and get myself some man-fuel.  Those STP-ing it up, we’ll see you there, and for the rest of the planet I will film it in a montage format to the tune of “You sexy thang” by Hot Chocolate.  Don’t forgot to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

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