Young Audiences

Jones Soda is honored to partner with Young Audiences, the nation's largest arts in education learning network, serving over 5 million children and youth each year! Jones Soda partnered with Young Audiences in 2014 to create a photo curriculum to teach kids about photography.

The photo curriculum launched in Northern California. The 10 week curriculum focused on focal points of photography including; light, composition, perspective, portraiture, landscape, trick photography and experimentation.

Jones Soda also partnered with GoPro to bring GoPro cameras to the classroom. Students were able to get hands on experience with the most versatile camera to take photos and practice techniques learned in the classroom.

A special addition to the program was Jones Soda’s famed original photographer, Victor John Penner, acted as a mentor for the students, helped with the curriculum and even Skyped in at the end of the program to chat with the students.

The second photo curriculum was launched in Cleveland, Ohio.

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