Jones Soda: Keeping it Real

Jones Soda Co. is committed to incorporating principles and policies that protect and enhance the lives of our stakeholders and communities as well as the global environment. We endeavor to employ manufacturing, distribution and everyday practices that reduce our negative impact on the earth and actively solicit suppliers whose goods and services are environmentally responsible.

Specifically, we use high percentages of recycled materials, we recycle the recycled stuff, switch out old bulbs with compact fluorescents, recycle everything around the office, travel and ship less and take whatever steps we can to reduce our carbon footprint.

And we want our business partners to get with the program, too. Because if you think about it, we could make this planet we call home a little greener, healthier and better to live in. If you won’t do it just ‘cause we asked, dude, think of the polar bears. 

In the corporate world, they call it “sustainability.” Here at Jones Soda, we just call it “keeping it real.”

How Jones Soda is Keeping it Real:

Jones Soda Glass

  • Glass is:
    • 100% recyclable
    • 15%-20% post-consumer recycled material used in manufacturing
    • Domestically manufactured
    • Shipped via rail
  • We have decreased by 7% the amount of material used in 4-pack cardboard carrying cases by using a new low-profile design

  • We have moved away from any cardboard in our WalMart 6 bottle variety pack in favor of a full shrink wrapped package. This saves over 40 lbs of cardboard for each pallet shipped

Can Better Packaging Save the Planet?

  • Trays are 35% post-consumer recycled material
  • Move to single serve (vs. 4-pack) cases on certain flavors that do not need 4-pack carriers
  • Transition from foam to recyclable corrugate for all E-Commerce shipments

When developing all new products and packages, we first initiate a sustainability strategy meeting to assess the best way to design and implement with sustainability in mind.

Co-packing, Distributor and Retail Partnerships

  • We are increasing our co-packing network to strategic locations around the country to reduce fuel and carbon emissions
  • We are reducing our total truck miles driven annually by approximately 1,000,000 miles because of these initiatives
  • Work with all distributors, retailers and 3 co-packers to reduce waste everyday

Jones Soda HQ Employee Commitment

  • We have a strong commitment to the greater Seattle area
    • Charitable food and clothing drives
    • Free Soda Friday donations to various non-profits
  • Physical and mental wellness
    • Encourage walking/biking/public transportation to work: all employees who do not drive a car to work receive a free monthly Seattle bus pass
    • Participation in National Bike Month
    • Company-provided memberships to local health club
    • Jones Soda Cycling Team participating in the STP (Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic)
  • Seattle office awareness
    • Use of compost bin
    • Discontinued use of plastic silverware
    • Recycle bins throughout the office
    • Use of new font for internal printing to reduce cartridge use
    • Bike Storage
    • Incentives for employees to use mass transit and alternative transportation (bikes)

Your Participation: Please comment and send us your thoughts on what else we can be doing to reduce our impact on the earth.

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