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Jennifer CEO

Jennifer was with Jones Soda Co. from 1995 to 2005 and from the launch of our flagship brand, Jones Soda.  Over this 10 year period, she was CFO, COO and a member of the Board of Directors.   In late 2005, she left to live abroad and then pursued other business interests, and in June 2012 has rejoined as the CEO of Jones Soda.

Outside of Jones, Jennifer loves to run, learn new languages, eat carbonara and spend time with her family.

Jennifer’s favorite Jones Soda flavors are Jones Zilch Black Cherry and Jones Zilch Pomegranate.



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Eric – Chief Operating Officer

I love my job, and feel so fortunate to be working with such an amazing brand - it really is by the people and for the people. Please keep sending in your photos, quotes, and flavor ideas!

When I’m not at the office, my other passions include family, cooking, music, and craft beer. So, coming home on a Friday night after a productive week of selling Jones, putting on an old Willie Nelson record on the turntable, slathering some homemade barbecue sauce on a rack of ribs, and pouring a cold draft beer into a chilled glass pretty much sums up the perfect day for me!

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Phil - Director Of Tech Services

Phil’s the geeky science guy; 35+ years in the industry; quality control; operations; projects; you name it. He’s so old now he doesn’t even show up on a digital camera.

Phil lives in Canada. Where all that cold air comes from.

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Chris - Purchasing & Inventory Manager

I am part of a hard working team. We do work. We do it for the feeling we obtain & because we’re in search of something. We want to relive some great moment we had in the past. Moreover, it’s also to create some other incredible moment like the last one but more intense. As long as we reach our limits... but who knows where those are?  Our realm is when we are together against a new dare. It can be anywhere, on snowboards, at the ballpark, in water, in the air... or at the office doing work.

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Stacy – Sales and Organization Support Manager

Love: The Pacific Northwest. Kayaking in the San Juan Islands. Running. Coffee. Milk Chocolate. Sleeping in. Organizing. Movies. Brandi Carlile. Bold red wine. Total silence. Chocolate cake. Crisp sunny fall days. Family. Good friends. Cats. Office supplies. Sting. Holiday lights. Movies. Wild weather. Those candy cake decorations I’m not sure anyone else actually eats. Could live without:Florescent lights. Rushing. Motto to Live By: A place for everything and everything in its place. Best travel experiences: Italy. Sailing in Croatia. The San Juan Islands. Whistler, BC. The Gulf Islands. Sailing in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Favorite Jones flavors: Vanilla Bean Zilch and Pomegranate Zilch.

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Andrew - Director of Marketing

Likes: music, movies, my dogs, my girlfriend, sports, Vegas, eating out, sunny days, investing in stocks, working out, flying places.

Favorites: The hangover, Benihana, cheesecake factory, basketball, football, sour cream and onion gold fish crackers, gummy bears

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Amanda - Customer Service & Logistics Coordinator

I have lived on the west side of the mountains for just over six months now and its slowly growing on me. It helps that I can now say I have the most awesome job that I could ever imagine! Being a part of the Jones team kinda feels like finding a four leaf clover or winning the lottery.

Favorite movie: Elf (or anything with Will Ferrell)

The awesomes to life: Washington (state). Seattle. Outdoors + sunshine. Traveling. Coffee addiction. The feeling after a great workout. Photography. Baby animals. Cold beer. Uncontrollable laughter. Roller coasters. Movies + wine + friends. Family. My boyfriend. Cats. And of course Jones Soda! Favorite: Zilch Vanilla Bean. Things I could do without: Traffic. Hangovers. Pessimistic people.

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Jerison - Graphic Designer

Born and raised in beautiful, boring Bellingham, WA.

Likes: Horror movies, riding my bike, Sci-Fi, comics, anime, beer, video games, typography, food, screen printing, rock n' roll, whiskey, letterpress, playing bass guitar, computers, zombies, listening to vinyl, nature, gig posters, swimming, surf rock, punk rock, garage rock, more food, monsters, aliens, babes, motorcycles, friends, DIY, J.R.R. Tolkien, all aspects of graphic design, and pretty much all things deemed "nerdy".

Favorite movies: Star Wars TRILOGY, Alien, Aliens, The Thing, Indiana Jones TRILOGY, Princess Mononoke, Terminator 1&2, 2001: A space odyssey, Die Hard, Enter the Dragon, The Darjeeling Limited, Requiem for a Dream, Beyond the Black Rainbow, and a whole list of Zombie movies.

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Cassie – E-Commerce Manager & Operations Specialist

Cassie is pretty pumped to work at Jones Soda, even if it does mean she has to pretend to be an adult. Her husband is great, her pug is ok (I guess), her desk is messy. Her favorite Jones Soda flavor is: cold, followed by a close second: yes, please.

Yups: burritos, high-five-feelings, comfortable pants, tasty beer, American cheese, yelling, commanding small armies, card games, tiny travel trailers.

Nopes: sweet snacks, dishes, socks, Family Guy, talk radio.


Chas – Accounting Manager

Chas is yet another recycled Jones Soda employee, who is back almost 5 years after leaving the first time. Not much has changed, my friend, except some of the faces!

If it lights up and/or blinks, I probably want one. The same goes for solar stuff. I love toys!

Favorite Jones Sodas:

Green Apple, with vodka
Cream Soda, with vodka
There is a theme here...


Corri – Receptionist/Office Administrator

I grew up in Vancouver, Washington before attending Washington State University in Pullman. (Go Cougs!) Now that I've graduated, I'm stoked to be back on the west side and putting my experience in administrative assistance to use with such a fun and creative company.

Totally down for: teriyaki, taking naps, learning new languages, glam rock on vinyl, chubby babies, snuggling my two cats, chocolate with nuts, latin dancing, patio gardens, and sangria

Not so much for: grouchy people, dirty dishes, traffic, and scary movies


Katie – AR Accountant

I enjoyed a wonderful childhood in small town MN, then moved to beautiful Fort Collins, CO after high school, and now I'm here in the amazing Pacific Northwest.

I really enjoy cooking, country music, my dog, my boyfriend, and spending time with good friends. Summer is my absolute favorite time of the year - everything about it - even the mosquitoes in MN, because it still means summer. Sunshine, camping, boating, fishing, grilling, fairs, outdoor concerts, beer (wait, I think I drink that during every season...).

Jones Soda is an amazing place to work and I'm so excited to be a part of such a positive and fun team. "Our lives are better left to chance; I could have missed the pain, but I'd have had to miss the dance."

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