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VP of Sales – U.S. & National Accounts

I joined the JONES team in March 2004. I have been in the beverage industry since 1995 spending a few years on the distributor side of the business then moved to the supplier side. Home base is West Des Moines, Iowa with my beautiful wife Krista and our adorable kids Maxwell and Olivia. I spend most of my work time traveling across the country visiting our great distributors and retailers. My free time is spent with my family, friends and anything outdoors.

JONES is truly the spirit of the beverage industry and I’m very proud to be a part of it!!! We have over 1 million Facebook fans that love this brand, unique flavors and beverage innovations we develop. We have a great team at JONES and someday will be a $100,000,000 company.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "They don't care what you know...until they know that you care!!!"

ACTIVITIES: Anything outdoors hot, cold, water, snow or dirt (Snowboards, Long boards, Boats, Paddle Boards, Motorcycles, Mountain Bikes, Canoes and anything my kids want to do!!!)



VP of Sales – U.S. East & Independent Trade

I rejoined the Jones Soda sales team in June of 2014 after a four year hiatus to study other adventures in the beverage world. Once you are a part of something like Jones Soda, you can't leave - something pulls you back like a super-sized magnet. I'm back and ready to rock and roll. My family headquarters is in Chicago with my awesome one year old daughter Lola Rae and my beautiful wife Mary. Fun these days consist of making Lola smile and rocking nursery rhymes, but Lola is learning to play the drums so we will soon be rocking the garage. As soon as Lola can strap a board to her feet we will hit the mountains.

Favorite lyric: School’s Out for Summer

Favorite Jones Flavor: Root Beer mixed with Cream Soda….and a Green Apple Soda chaser.

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VP of Sales - Canada

Aron was born and raised in South Africa. Along with his family, they found their way around the world before finally settling in Toronto, Canada. "BRRrrr!" He says, "I often get asked if I had a pet lion growing up, so it only seemed fitting that my picture shows me playing with a lion cub (I didn't have a lion btw)."

From a professional standpoint, he has done everything from Life-Guarding, to Day-trading the stock market, to Sales. Sales, however, has taken up the majority of his professional career. He has spent several years developing the Ontario and Western Canada markets in the consumer packaged goods industry and, as a result, found his way to reside in British Columbia.

He currently lives in Ontario after spending a year in Vancouver with, what he calls, "the cutest dog in the world - Simba, A.K.A - Little Monster, A.K.A - Mr. Happy (as his tail is always wagging - even when he's dreaming)."

Pet Peeves -Traffic, and Public displays of affection

Favorite sports - Surfing, swimming, white water rafting, and anything else in the water.

Favorite foods - Pizza, hamburgers, poutine (you'll have to come to Canada and try it).

Favorite drink - Doctor Jones!

Favorite quote - "If it's conceivable, it's achievable"


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Sales Director & National Chain Manager - West

I have been in the beverage industry for approximately 12 plus years.  I was in management with Columbia Distributing from 1992 thru 2002.  Took an 8 year break and dabbled in the mortgage/construction industry.  In 2010 got back into the beverage industry but not with a distributor  but with a supplier.  Now here with Jones and extremely excited!!!

I spend most of my time with my daughter (Hailey) and son (Zachary), doing everything under the sun.  They are my pride and Joy!!! 

Fun for me consists of:  riding my motorcycle, playing golf, working out and hanging out with friends/family.   This being my first year back playing golf after 3 years because of multiple surgeries.  I am excited to see if I can get back to a 4 handicap. 

To wrap it up, if you are ever in Oregon, give me a call. Let’s play a round of 18!

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Regional Manager Québec - Atlantic Provinces

Born in Montreal, Quebec, I live with my Girlfriend Myriam and my dog Mya.

I like :Travelling, Cooking, Playing, Camping, Golfing, BBQing, Dancing, Cirque duSoleil, Mojitos, Cashew, Ping Pong, Mad Men, Fringe, Rocky, Die Hard, Atila the Hun, Gengis Khan, Dreaming, Any Playa, Montreal Canadiens, Expresso, Jones Soda.

I am: Epicurean, Positive, Curious, Calm

Twin Brother : Maxim            Sister: Michelle

Favorite Jones: Strawberry Lime

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Regional Manager - Midwest

I started my career in the beverage industry during the last century and have been exposed to all aspects of the business. I've seen what makes a company energetic and successful so with that being said, I'm very excited that I’ve made my way to Jones Soda!

I was born and raised in the mid-west (I know where the bodies are buried) and currently live in Cincinnati with my lovely wife Lynn and wonderful kids, Drew and Bailey. When I'm not at work, you'll most likely find me poolside listening to the Reds.

Because you asked what I like most - The Beatles, baseball (Cincinnati Reds), football (Chicago Bears), horse racing, the beach, Star Trek (the one with Spock), Jack Bauer, goats and ice cream.

Things I'm not a fan of (at all!) - birds, sandwiches that fall apart while you eat them, snow and sleeping in an airport.

Larry carried the Three Stooges!


Regional Manager - Mountain & Texas Division

I am a 23-year veteran in the beverage industry. I started at the early age of 14, and have worked the production, distributor and supplier side of the business. My first gig on the supplier side was with Jones Soda from '04 - '09. The culture, passion, marketing and premium quality are the best in the industry. That's why I am back! Jones Soda is in my "Blue Bubblegum" blood and always will be!

I am based out of the great state of Utah where I live with my beautiful wife Jennifer and two boys Jacob & Drakey. Family is everything to me. My father is my hero and taught me from an early age...Without hard work you get nowhere in life!

My favorite quote: "We all put our pants on the same, so treat everyone equally"!

I love Jones Soda Floats...Any flavor + Vanilla Ice Cream = Scrumptiousness.

Lionel Richie Rules!!!!


Senior Area Manager - California

I was born in beautiful San Jose California. I've worked in the beverage industry for about 10 years and have a natural passion, knowledge and energy for this industry. I’m grateful to be working for Jones Soda!

When I'm not working, you can find me hanging with my family, hanging with my girlfriend and her cat Puppy, cheering for the San Jose Sharks, crying for the San Jose Sharks, watching really bad television programs, listening to fast music way too loud, playing fast music way too loud, going to Tahoe, attempting to golf, eating Ethiopian food, playing golf and other assorted leisurely activities.

My favorite flavor of Jones in Crushed Melon, and I'm beyond excited about its return!

Territory Manager - Michigan/Chicago

I joined Jones Soda in 2014 with passion and ideas for the beverage industry. I'm eager to hit the ground running and make an impact on the Michigan and Chicago markets. I’m very excited to be a part of the Jones Soda family! I have been in the beverage industry for 7 years, and Jones has been a strong brand in my territory since day one. I plan on continuing that legacy throughout my career with the company.

Likes: Art, all sounds of music, home cooked meals, local farm markets, golf, home brewing, fishing the beautiful lakes and rivers Michigan offers...we are spoiled in natural beauty, hiking, funny people!, and my family.

Dislikes: littering, potholes, raw onions

Favorite Jones Flavor: Berry Lemonade

Favorite Quote: “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple”.

Territory Manager - Zip City General Manager

I am a PNW native, and grew up on beautiful Whidbey Island, AKA "The Rock". Being part of the Jones Soda team is amazing. I get to be part of all of the creativity, passion and positive energy that we get from each other and our fans. The fans are what makes Jones Soda "POP"! "Kick your Coke Habit," and drink a JONES Soda!

When I am not working, I am with my family. I am lucky to have such a great wife, Ronda, who puts up with my craziness. Together we have two awesome boys, Jai and Keller.

Likes - family, sports, coaching youth sports, cycling, outdoors, Volkswagens (air and water cooled), and Halloween

Dislikes - Negativity

I get to wake up every day and sell Jones Soda, I have the best sales job in the Industry!


If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.
-Henry Ford

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