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Senior Vice President, U.S. & National Accounts

I joined the JONES team in March 2004. I have been in the beverage industry since 1995 spending a few years on the distributor side of the business then moved to the supplier side. Home base is West Des Moines, Iowa with my beautiful wife Krista and our adorable kids Maxwell and Olivia. I spend most of my work time traveling across the country visiting our great distributors and retailers. My free time is spent with my family, friends and anything outdoors.

JONES is truly the spirit of the beverage industry and I’m very proud to be a part of it!!! We have over 1 million Facebook fans that love this brand, unique flavors and beverage innovations we develop. We have a great team at JONES and someday will be a $100,000,000 company.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "They don't care what you know...until they know that you care!!!"

ACTIVITIES: Anything outdoors hot, cold, water, snow or dirt (Snowboards, Long boards, Boats, Paddle Boards, Motorcycles, Mountain Bikes, Canoes and anything my kids want to do!!!)


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VP of Sales - Canada and U.S. Northeast

Aron was born and raised in South Africa. Along with his family, they found their way around the world before finally settling in Toronto, Canada. "BRRrrr!" He says, "I often get asked if I had a pet lion growing up, so it only seemed fitting that my picture shows me playing with a lion cub (I didn't have a lion btw)."

From a professional standpoint, he has done everything from Life-Guarding, to Day-trading the stock market, to Sales. Sales, however, has taken up the majority of his professional career. He has spent several years developing the Ontario and Western Canada markets in the consumer packaged goods industry and, as a result, found his way to reside in British Columbia.

He currently lives in Ontario after spending a year in Vancouver with, what he calls, "the cutest dog in the world - Simba, A.K.A - Little Monster, A.K.A - Mr. Happy (as his tail is always wagging - even when he's dreaming)."

Pet Peeves -Traffic, and Public displays of affection

Favorite sports - Surfing, swimming, white water rafting, and anything else in the water.

Favorite foods - Pizza, hamburgers, poutine (you'll have to come to Canada and try it).

Favorite drink - Doctor Jones!

Favorite quote - "If it's conceivable, it's achievable"


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Regional Manager Québec - Atlantic Provinces

Born in Montreal, Quebec, I live with my Girlfriend Myriam and my dog Mya.

I like :Travelling, Cooking, Playing, Camping, Golfing, BBQing, Dancing, Cirque duSoleil, Mojitos, Cashew, Ping Pong, Mad Men, Fringe, Rocky, Die Hard, Atila the Hun, Gengis Khan, Dreaming, Any Playa, Montreal Canadiens, Expresso, Jones Soda.

I am: Epicurean, Positive, Curious, Calm

Twin Brother : Maxim            Sister: Michelle

Favorite Jones: Strawberry Lime

Territory Manager - Chicago

I joined Jones in May of 2015, but have been consulting on the Chicago Territory since September of 2014. More importantly, I have been a loyal Jonser since I was a kid. Jones is a company that pushes boundaries, gives its customers voices, and actively pushes for them to express themselves. It is a company that throws out convention and decides to do what is right for its community first. I work every day to make sure that the ideas and ideals Jones stands for are able to be shared with other Jonsers who believe in what we make, and want to be a part of it. I've seen tattoo artists, bikers, stock-traders, doctors, retail salespeople and so many others find joy in Jones, an affinity for which I haven't seen for any other brand. Jones is here to stay and Chicago is one of the places where that is happening.

Born in Indiana, I am still a true to the heart Hoosier even while calling Chicago home.

Things I like: Good food, Chicago, traveling, Paris, Berlin, sunny breezy days, enjoying time with friends, meeting new people, tea, The Constitution, event planning, Jones Soda.

Things I have a problem with: Spiders, insects, money in US elections, party politics, dieting.

Favorite Jones: Berry Lemonade

Brand Ambassador - Toronto

Born and raised in Toronto, Daniel is a Ryerson University Business Management graduate. Growing up living with his father, he housed foreign exchange students and had the opportunity to visit some of their countries, which created a serious passion for travelling. Best vacation ever was a 5 week back-packing trip through Europe! An avid sports fan, he knows more about baseball than he probably should. Played tons of different sports growing up, but top three were hockey, baseball and high school lacrosse.

Professionally, he spent three years working for the Bank of Montreal after completing university, but has also previously worked for various marketing companies, retirement homes and restaurants during school. Left the banking industry to pursue a personal side project in the baseball industry, and he is very proud to have become a member of the Jones Soda family as well!!

Favourite Jones Soda flavours: Root Beer and Pineapple Cream Soda

Favourite Songs: Green Day - When I Come Around and Metallica - Wherever I May Roam

Favourite Countries Visited: Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey

Quotes that I live by: "Embrace the Uncertainty" and "Repetition Breeds Belief"

I was a huge fan of Jones Soda growing up and I got an opportunity to join the company in June 2014 and it has been a fun ride ever since! The best part of the job is getting to interact with fans of our products at sampling days and special events. They're enthusiastic and it's always a blast!

Area Manager - Direct Sales Washington

I was known in high school as the Jones Soda Evangelist and my goal was to one day work at Jones. During my senior year I was offered an internship after a marketing class project that Jones sponsored. It was a great experience working with marketing and doing oddball stuff around the office (not so much when they tricked me into drinking Green Bean Casserole soda). I would have loved to stay but I had to chase baseball dreams in college. A little while later and now I’m back with Jones, hooking up Washington with the best soda around! My favorite is a Blue Bubblegum ice cream float.

I love hanging out with friends, going on trips with the buds to visit baseball stadiums and cheese...mainly mac and cheese!

Outdoors likes: baseball, running Rattlesnake Ledge, Snow Lake, Mt Rainier, river floating.

Nerd likes: Firefly, Game of Thrones, Magic the Gathering, board games.

Best Outdoor Accomplishment: Mt. Rainier summit

Best Nerd Accomplishment: held the most expensive comic book in history ($3.2 mil) and the most expensive Magic card ($100k).

Territory Manager - Michigan

I'm from Indianapolis, Indiana and a graduate of Indiana University. I'm a 'coast kid'...spent my winters & summers in California and NY so I'd like to think I'm pretty cultured! I'm in love with all sports and most genres of music. Frequenting concerts, sporting events and cooking are my favorite past times. Favorite teams: Yankees, Patriots and unfortunately the NY Knicks. IU Hoosier basketball is life (unless Duke is playing)! Living life without any regrets!

Regional Manager - South Central

I joined Jones Soda Co. In April of 2015. I moved straight to Texas after college and have spent the past decade growing new age brands with some great companies. I have not lost my Chicago accent or ability to curate a sunburn in a single afternoon. The joys of having Irish skin in Texas!!! I enjoy spending my free time with friends and family, laughing, eating, golfing, and working as many Simpsons references into conversation as possible. Nothing beats the taste of a Jones Soda Co. Root Beer from a cold glass bottle, it's my absolute favorite!

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