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Randy Lumber :
Posted 1231 days ago
Miss the "classic" Big Ol' Can of Whoopass formula.
Hilary :
Posted 1243 days ago
can you post a full list of ingredients for those of us with strange allergies?
Todd :
Posted 1252 days ago
Love WhoopAss, great ingredients and taste awesome, was introduced to it at Bader's new gym Power MMA & Fitness, great product at agreat gym!!
johnny whupass :
Posted 1314 days ago
Just had a can of the new formulation and liked it alot. The old whoopass was ok but didn't have alot of fans. Everyone I handed one to about gagged and poured it out so I am glad you did this. Ryan is a great fighter and he is gonna get after it in his next fight. Go Bader! Go Whoopass!
I miss my whoopass :
Posted 1328 days ago
I too really really miss the old whoopass. It powered me through so many wide-eyed days and nights over the years. I just had my first taste of the new formula and my first thought was "I don't know what to do" Fortunately, I think a local store is still carrying the old stuff so I'll be alright if I stock up. Alright for a while that is. Please, for the love of all that is sugary and buzz inducing, bring back the good stuff.
Whoop Ass Queen :
Posted 1342 days ago
I am soooooo disappointed!!! I come from a very long line of loyal devotee's of the ORIGINAL Whoop Ass. Over the holidays, I ordered some for family....what they received was NOT Whoop Ass, but an imposter...a cheap knock off of the original, colored red!!!
If you truely want to know how bad it is, it was described as tasting like Cherry flavored Cepecal (sp) the sore throat spray...they couldn't even gag a can down, it was that bad.
I am not impressed with this new stuff and DEMAND the old product, the yellow stuff come back. The original tasted better and gave you far more energy than this new "imposter"..I don't even know if I will be able to convince my family to drink Whoop Ass again even if you do switch it back, it was that bad.
All I have are fond and cherished memories of the old stuff......A friend in California even ordered some.....because I gave it so much lip service, had I known I was pimping an would have not had those sales.....there will be no more pimping this horrible, cheap knock off...even I, was disgusted at the color, and taste....sometimes, CHANGE is NOT A GOOD THING......revert to the old ways, or expect a revolution!
Queen Whoop Ass!
DrinkWhoopass :
Posted 1361 days ago
Follow Whoopass on Twitter @DrinkWhoopass
UncleWhoopass :
Posted 1372 days ago
bring back the old can and the old flavor or millions of kittens will spontaneously combust!!!! WHYYY JONES!!! WHYYYYYYY!!!
Battle Born MMA :
Posted 1395 days ago
This looks perfect for after our strenuous MMA training. Are you looking for more fighters to sponsor?
ernets :
Posted 1440 days ago
what a great idea
sell sheet
sell sheet

Optimize Your Workout Recovery

Some say there’s an art to optimizing athletic recovery.  Based on the over 6000 scientific journal articles published on the topic, we say it’s a science.  We developed our Whoopass Energy Supplement to do more than provide energy – we also wanted to reward your body with a great-tasting drink that will also supply some vital ingredients that will support your recovery program.

Post-exercise food consumption is a critical component of a recovery program.  As we all know, the first thing your body needs you to replace is the fluid lost during exercise.  Carbohydrates are also a vital piece in the recovery puzzle.  Eating carbohydrates within 2 hours is necessary to resynthesize muscle glycogen, which is depleted during intense exercise.  And third, it is essential to replace the sodium that is lost during high intensity exercise when you sweat.  Sodium balance is important for both the proper nervous and muscle function. Drinking one can WhoopAss provides the three key recovery ingredients, plus more.


We all know that exercise is good for you, but did you know that free radical production tends to increase during exercisei? It even has a name – Exercise-Induced Oxidative Stress (EIOS) and it is a result of higher oxygen consumption during exercise. Before this news gives you an excuse to quit your workouts, WhoopAss has the solution.

2,250 ORAC Units Per Can – provides the equivalent antioxidant power/potency of 2.5 servings of vegetables per can based on ORAC unitsii

WhoopAss contains the following free radical-neutralizing compounds:

  • Polyphenols - 290 mg per can from Grapes, Green Tea and Yerba Mate
  • Catechins -  120 mg per can from Green Tea
  • Anthocyanins - 12 mg per can from Grapes

B-Vitamins (riboflavin, vitamin B-6) are necessary in the energy producing pathways of the body. Research suggests that exercise may increase the requirements for riboflavin and vitamin B-6, Athletes who have poor diets, especially those restricting energy intakes or eliminating food groups from the diet, should consider supplementing with a multivitamin/mineral supplementiii.

Vitamin B-12 - required for the synthesis of new cells, such as the red blood cells, and for the repair of damaged cells.

L-Carnitine -  a critical source of cellular energy.  Carnitine balance may be affected by exercise.

Taurine – necessary for normal skeletal muscle functioning.

Caffeine – In addition to providing energy, the ergogenic properties of caffeine have been extensively studied and research has indicated that low-to moderate dosages of caffeine (2-3 mg per kg, about 160 – 238 mg for a 175 lb person) may be performance enhancing and fight off fatigueiv.

Disclaimer: The articles featured herein are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Specific medical advice should only be obtained from a licensed health care professional. No liability is assumed by Jones Soda for any information herein.

  1. Andel & Johnson.  Exercise-induced oxidative stress: theory and practical implications for older adults. Aging Health. 2007;3(3):343-348.
  2. Wu X., et al.  Lipophilic and Hydrophil Antioxidant Capacities of Common Foods in the United States.  Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.  2004;52:4026-4037.
  3. Woolf & Manore. B-Vitamins and Exercise:  Does Exercise Alter Requirements.  International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism. 2006;16(5):453-84.
  4. Jenkins NT, et al.  Ergogenic effects of low doses of caffeine on cycling performance.  International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism.  2008;18(3):328-42.