*NEW* ✨Jones Soda Signature Drink Lab Edible Glitter™✨

$ 17.99 

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We have teamed up with our friends at Signature Drink Lab for our 25th Birthday to bring you some JONES GLITTER SODA!  A few sprinkles* of glitter and it'll turn your soda into a delicious sparkly brew.  Glitter comes in a variety of colors and options.  Check them all out before they are gone!

Picture Features: Glitter Sample Pack (from left to right) - Liquid Gold, Rose Gold, Pearl Gold, Blue, Purple, and Original.  Soda Flavor - Cream Soda.

Buying Options:

Glitter Variety Pack  - Six (6) 0.5 gram edible glitters: Liquid Gold, Rose Gold, Pearl Gold, Blue, Purple and Original. (includes only glitter, does not include Jones Soda)

6 Cream Sodas and Glitter - Six (6) Cream Soda Bottles and Glitter Variety Pack 

6 Birthday Cake Sodas and Glitter - Six (6) Birthday Cake Soda Bottles and Glitter Variety Pack

Find more GLITTER color options by clicking ✨here

*CAUTION - pouring glitter directly into a bottle may cause foaming and overflow.  We suggest pouring your soda and glitter into a clear glass and watch the magic!

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