Jennifer was with Jones Soda Co. from 1995 to 2005 and from the launch of our flagship brand, Jones Soda. Over this 10 year period, she was CFO, COO and a member of the Board of Directors. In late 2005, she left to live abroad and then pursued other business interests, and in June 2012 has rejoined as the CEO of Jones Soda.

Outside of Jones, Jennifer loves to run, learn new languages, eat carbonara and spend time with her family.



I love my job, and feel so fortunate to be working with such an amazing brand - it really is by the people and for the people. Please keep sending in your photos, quotes, and flavor ideas!

When I’m not at the office, my other passions include family, cooking, music, and craft beer. So, coming home on a Friday night after a productive week of selling Jones, putting on an old Willie Nelson record on the turntable, slathering some homemade barbecue sauce on a rack of ribs, and pouring a cold draft beer into a chilled glass pretty much sums up the perfect day for me!


EVP US Sales 

Steve is a powerhouse brand-builder! Previously  President and CEO of Exclusive Distribution (2006-2015) he built Vita Coco in five New York City boroughs before the brand moved to Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. He also was instrumental in building Vitamin Water and several other brands during his time with Big Geyser. He is thrilled to be Jones + Lemoncocco!



Short story... I'm your friendly numbers nerd. Longer story... Passion is contagious. I'm driven by relationships and results. Jones Soda is the perfect place for me. Family & friends, running, skiing, Stephen King novels, anything written by Michael Lewis, Fantasy Baseball, cheesy pre-2004 pop-punk music, Husky football, IPA.


Operations Manager

I am part of a hard working team. We do work. We do it for the feeling we obtain & because we’re in search of something. We want to relive some great moment we had in the past. Moreover, it’s also to create some other incredible moment like the last one but more intense. As long as we reach our limits... but who knows where those are? Our realm is when we are together against a new dare. It can be anywhere, on snowboards, at the ballpark, in water, in the air... or at the office doing work.


PNW/Canada Sales & Trade-show Marketing

Likes: music, movies, my dog, my wife, sports, Vegas, eating out, sunny days, investing in stocks, working out, flying places.

Favorites: The hangover, Benihana, cheesecake factory, basketball, football, sour cream and onion gold fish crackers, gummy bears


VP of US Sales & National Accounts

I joined the JONES team in March 2004. I have been in the beverage industry since 1995 spending a few years on the distributor side of the business then moved to the supplier side. Home base is West Des Moines, Iowa with my beautiful wife Krista and our adorable kids Maxwell and Olivia. I spend most of my work time traveling across the country visiting our great distributors and retailers. My free time is spent with my family, friends and anything outdoors.


Graphics Designer 

Born and raised in beautiful, boring Bellingham, WA.
Likes: Horror movies, riding my bike, Sci-Fi, comics, anime, beer, video games, typography, food, screen printing, rock n' roll, whiskey, letterpress, playing bass guitar, computers, zombies, listening to vinyl, nature, gig posters, swimming, surf rock, punk rock, garage rock, more food, monsters, aliens, babes, motorcycles, friends, DIY, J.R.R. Tolkien, all aspects of graphic design, and pretty much all things deemed "nerdy".


Content Creator

Cassie is pretty pumped to work at Jones Soda, even if it does mean she has to pretend to be an adult. 
Yups: burritos, high-five-feelings, comfortable pants, tasty beer, American cheese, yelling, commanding small armies, card games, tiny travel trailers.
Nopes: sweet snacks, dishes, socks, Family Guy, talk radio.


Regional Manager Quebec, Ontario & Atlantic 

Born in Montreal, Quebec, I live with my wife Myriam, my son William and my dog Mya.

I like :Travelling, Cooking, Playing, Camping, Golfing, BBQing, Dancing, Cirque duSoleil, Mojitos, Cashew, Ping Pong, Mad Men, Fringe, Rocky, Die Hard, Atila the Hun, Gengis Khan, Dreaming, Any Playa, Montreal Canadiens, Expresso, Jones Soda.

I am: Epicurean, Positive, Curious, Calm


Revenue Accountant 

I really enjoy cooking, country music, my dog, my boyfriend, and spending time with good friends. Summer is my absolute favorite time of the year - everything about it - even the mosquitoes in MN, because it still means summer. Sunshine, camping, boating, fishing, grilling, fairs, outdoor concerts, beer (wait, I think I drink that during every season...).

Jones Soda is an amazing place to work and I'm so excited to be a part of such a positive and fun team.


Director of Technical Services

Phil’s the geeky science guy; 35+ years in the industry; quality control; operations; projects; you name it. He’s so old now he doesn’t even show up on a digital camera.

Phil lives in Canada. Where all that cold air comes from.


Logistics Coordinator 

Originally born and raised in South Africa, I am ecstatic to be a member of the Jones team. When I’m not working, I am enjoying time with my family or snuggling dogs! I love nature, spontaneous adventures and travelling!


Sales/ Admin Coordinator & Fountain Liaison 

I was born to the song "I Got Ants in My Pants" by James Brown and anything else you need to know about me you can infer from that. I like roller skating, Harry Potter, cats, wordplay and beer. If you need someone who will laugh at your bad jokes, you know where to find me. 


Regional Manager South-Central & Southeast 

I try and have a great day, every day. I have an awesome wife, awesome kids, awesome grand-kids and an awesome family. Love living at the lake and living life!

Favorite quote: "A failed attempt does not make you a failure; failure to attempt does!" Come to Lake Ozark and have a Berry Lemonade with me! 


AP Accountant 

Proud to be a part of the Jones family! Things I love (other than accounting): cats, video games, the rain, flannels, Seahawks & Sounders, 80's music and Saturday morning cartoons. 

Mike P

Area Manager NY/NJ

When I'm not out selling Jones Soda and Lemomcocco, you can usually catch me performing improv comedy in New York City or Long Island. I love my family, my dog, making people laugh, being the center of attention, and challenges. And yes, I'm down to chill. Put on some good tunes and fire up the grill. I'll bring the brews (Jones).

Yee Ju

Area Manager - NorCal 

Thrilled to join the family! I'm from the SF Bay Area, and am proud mama bear to Siena & Ryan. I'm a big fan of scrumptious food & drink, and one of my favorite things in life is sharing a good meal with good friends. I work hard, I stay healthy & I try to learn something new everyday! May Lemoncocco/Jones forge ahead in leading this craft beverage movement! Saluti!


Area Manager - PNW

Originally from a small surf town near San Diego, I love Seattle and the rain. I like: movies, games, Formula 1, Björk, craft soda, burritos, döner kebap, and my friends. 


Region Manager - Northwest

Originally from Long Beach, CA, I moved to Washington in 1995 where I met my wife and we started our family (Two kids, Nathan & Taylor.) I joined the amazing world of beverage in 2001, on the distribution side of the business for "Big Soda," then moved to the brand side where I spent time with a family owned brand and a startup brand. Today, I bring my years of experience to the Jones Soda family to help our distributors and retailers to get these amazing brands into the hands of more consumers than ever before. In my spare time I like to cook, watch baseball (Go M's,) play golf, go thrifting with my wife, and making cool things like lamps and tables out of re-purposed items.


Senior Accountant 

I want to travel the world.
meet new people.
do crazy things.
laugh constantly.
create everlasting memories
I want to live. not just exist.


Regional Sales Manager - SW 

When I'm not out and about promoting Lemoncocco, you are likely to find me on a soccer sideline, out on the ski slopes or whacking tennis balls around with my husband Stefano!


Brand Ambassador  

A Seattle native, I'm a quintessential technology nerd with an obsession for the Pacific Northwest's bio- and geo-diversity. I enjoy trail running, rock climbing, skiing, waterfalls, more skiing, photography, cars, 3D printing, local music artists, and everything in the night sky. I'm Jonesin' for some Crushed Melon.

Mike T 

Regional Sales Manager - NE 


Area Manager - Illinois 

I’m very proud to be an American. My parents were both born in Italy, and Italy was close to being my native country. I Love Love Italy to visit, but only to visit. America is the greatest country on earth! I’ve been in the food business my entire working career, and am loving being part of The Jones family. There is a happy, enthusiastic and fun vibe coming from the staff, that I haven’t felt in a work environment in a very long time. I especially love the idea of being on the ground floor of something so incredible - Lemoncocco. I look forward to being part of crafting it into a household name! Off time, I love spending time with my son, cooking, trying new restaurants, exercising so I can try new restaurants! 


Business Development

Having worked closely with Jennifer and Eric at Jones Soda Company in my previous life as a VP Business Development, N. America, I’m super excited to be part of the Jones Soda Business Development Dream Team.

 I’m helping to expand both the Jones Soda brand and Lemoncocco brand throughout N.American strategic accounts and having so much fun working with such a dynamic team of brand building gurus.

When I’m not helping to build new business, I am a curious learner of new things such as neuro-marketing and social impact consumerism. I love spending time and traveling to new places with my family, baking up bundles of comfort food for my loved ones and zoning out with yoga. OM Shanti. Namaste


Ecommerce Coordinator