The Team


David, President & CEO
President & CEO

I'm a global brand and sales guy with nearly 40 years of consumer products and e-commerce experience. Most of my career has been in beverages both Non-Alcoholic and Alcoholic. I have a proven track record of product and packaging innovation, break through marketing campaigns as well as sales leadership.

I love the outdoors and have tested my mettle on Ironman courses around the world. I'm proud to say I am the 739th swimmer to cross the English Channel. I now climb 14ers for fun and am out on his gravel bike on the weekends.


Eric, President & COO
President & COO

I love my job, and feel so fortunate to be working with such an amazing brand - it really is by the people and for the people. Please keep sending in your photos, quotes, and flavor ideas!

When I’m not at the office, my other passions include family, cooking, music, and craft beer. So, coming home on a Friday night after a productive week of selling Jones, putting on an old Willie Nelson record on the turntable, slathering some homemade barbecue sauce on a rack of ribs, and pouring a cold draft beer into a chilled glass pretty much sums up the perfect day for me!


Jerry, Chief Growth Officer
Chief Growth Officer

I grew up in the “Jones culture”, skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX, dirt bikes, anything with a board or wheels…(if you're not first, you're last)….so I am stoked to get to work with truly great people everyday that bring great flavor, color, and fun (and pure cane sugar) to the world.


Dan, Vice President of Sales
Vice President of Sales

I joined the Jones team in May 2020 with three decades of experience in the CPG industry. Most recently I was Director of Sales & Distribution at Tim’s Cascade Snacks. I have built my career on trust, commitment and a strong work ethic managing direct, distributor and broker sales teams.

The Pacific Northwest is home, born and raised in the PNW I am a loyal fan of the Seahawks, Mariners, Rainiers, Sonics, Zags and COUGS. I also enjoy traveling with my family, visiting the many great PNW wineries and playing golf. #JONESSODA  


Chris, Operations Manager
Director of Marketing

I’m a self-professed CPG nerd. People refuse to go with me to the grocery store because I’m always looking at new and interesting products, and it takes me forever to finish my shopping. I love to see all the variety in drinks and snacks. Was English poet William Cowper foreshadowing the endless assortments of Jones Soda when he wrote “variety is the spice of life” in 1681? Why yes, I also have a Liberal Arts education from the University of Puget Sound. In my downtime, I make things in metal that would mostly be classified as bad art or “other.”

 A veteran of both the “Soda Wars” and the “Bar Wars,” I’m excited to join and build Jones as an uncompromising alternative to Big Soda (you know who you are!)


Joe $, Controller

Very excited to be on the Jones Team! An environment full of hardworking and passionate people. The Jones Brand is unique and am proud to be a part of its growth. When I’m not at work, I love hanging with friends and family, listening to some chill reggae in the sun, and watching the Seahawks, Cougs, and Mariners.


Chris, Operations Manager
Operations Manager

I am part of a hard working team. We do work. We do it for the feeling we obtain & because we’re in search of something. We want to relive some great moment we had in the past. Moreover, it’s also to create some other incredible moment like the last one but more intense. As long as we reach our limits... but who knows where those are? Our realm is when we are together against a new dare. It can be anywhere, on snowboards, at the ballpark, in water, in the air... or at the office doing work.


Chad, Sales Director
Sales Director

I joined the JONES team in March 2004. I have been in the beverage industry since 1995 spending a few years on the distributor side of the business then moved to the supplier side. Home base is West Des Moines, Iowa with my beautiful wife Krista and our adorable kids Maxwell and Olivia. I spend most of my work time traveling across the country visiting our great distributors and retailers. My free time is spent with my family, friends and anything outdoors.


Victor, Managing Director, Foodservice & Hospitality
Managing Director, Foodservice & Hospitality

I recently relocated to Arizona and have a secondary home in Florida currently. My hobbies are bicycling, bocce, basketball, cooking, gardening, hiking, learning languages, movies, reading and travel. I grew up in the restaurant business at a very young age and worked at the family business called Victor’s & Vesuvio’s Pizzeria as a cook. This is what inspired me to have a lifetime career in the food industry.


Chad - Sales Director
Director of Sales - West

I have been in the grocery business for 40 years, working for several Grocery and CPG companies. I started at Alpha Beta as a courtesy clerk. I've been a Broker, Buyer and Key Account Manager and have seen the Grocery business grow and shrink though the years. I'm very proud of my family and the rich history that they have in the Grocery-CPG industry. My mother was the first female inducted into the Grocery Hall of Fame in Northern California. I've been married for 39 years to the same great lady (Tish) who puts up with my jokes and silly antics; like wearing silly hats and costumes. I have three great kids (2 boys and 1 girl) and have the great honor of being a grandfather to seven grandkids (4 girls and 3 boys); and we can’t forget the 2 cats. In my spare time, I enjoy barbecuing and entertaining my family poolside in the backyard. I also enjoy playing golf and going to Reno; my favorite casino is the Peppermill. 


Loic, Sales Director
Sales Director

Born in Montreal, Quebec, I live with my wife Myriam, my son William and my dog Mya.

I like: Travelling, Cooking, Playing, Camping, Golfing, BBQing, Dancing, Cirque du Soleil, Mojitos, Cashew, Ping Pong, Mad Men, Fringe, Rocky, Die Hard, Atila the Hun, Gengis Khan, Dreaming, Any Playa, Montreal Canadiens, Expresso, Jones Soda.

I am: Epicurean, Positive, Curious, Calm


Chad - Sales Director
Sales Director

I have been fortunate to have spent the majority of my career in the food industry, having worked with some outstanding companies: Keebler, Kelloggs and Wise Snacks. I am very excited to have joined this very talented team at Jones Soda. The opportunity to work with such the great Jones Soda brand and all unique flavors is going to be a highlight of my career. Having grown up in the Midwest I have made MANY corporate moves from St. Louis to Chicago to S.Florida to Nashville to Atlanta and now reside in Birmingham. I am an avid sports fan, especially fond of my St. Louis Cardinals and Blues Hockey teams. I love to travel especially abroad with my wife and family.


Sarah, Beverage Technologist
Beverage Technologist

I’m so excited to be apart such a creative and energetic team! I am extremely enthused by the idea of digging into the food science within the beverage industry. Originally, from the great plains of Kansas, I’ve slowly migrated west, always ready for adventure! Likes: BBQ, Bouldering and Whitewater Nos: Coleslaw, & Peanut Butter


Danielle, Logistics & Customer Service Manager
Logistics & Customer Service Manager

Originally born and raised in South Africa, I am ecstatic to be a member of the Jones team. When I’m not working, I am enjoying time with my family or snuggling dogs! I love nature, spontaneous adventures and travelling!


Zach, ZipCity Sales Manager
ZipCity Sales Manager

Small town New Englander that set his eyes west, never thought I would be part of the coolest soda brand in the industry and the amazing team that’s behind it all, but here I am. I like gaming, guitars, 3d printing, hanging with my dog.


Margie, Ecommerce and DTC Manager
Ecommerce and DTC Manager

So excited to be a part of the Jones fam! Born originally in Cali in the county of YOLO, but raised in Washington my whole life and studied at CWU. I love working with such a small creative and hardworking team like we are. The Jones brand is so unique and I love how much consumer engagement it requires!

 YASSS: DOGS, dancing, hiking, watching and playing soccer (GO TIMBERS!), PUPPIES, hanging out with my friends and family, Harry Potter everything, Simple Plan, Imagine Dragons, Wonderwoman, pizza, GUACAMOLE, and bagels.


Jerison, Senior Graphics Designer
Senior Graphics Designer 

Born and raised in beautiful, boring Bellingham, WA.
Likes: Horror movies, riding my bike, Sci-Fi, comics, anime, beer, video games, typography, food, screen printing, rock n' roll, whiskey, letterpress, playing bass guitar, computers, zombies, listening to vinyl, nature, gig posters, swimming, surf rock, punk rock, garage rock, more food, monsters, aliens, babes, motorcycles, friends, DIY, J.R.R. Tolkien, all aspects of graphic design, and pretty much all things deemed "nerdy".


Erin, Senior Digital Marketing Manager
Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Half-Filipino, half-ginger from sunny California who decided to take on rainy Washington and hasn’t looked back. Lover of coffee, wine, cats, cuisine, travel, sleep, all things Disney, and the written word, but make it digital.


Mitchell, Ecommerce and Fulfillment Associate
Ecommerce and Fulfillment Associate

Identifying as Non-binary and using they/them pronouns. I graduated from Central Washington University with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences. I am constantly looking to try and experience new things and am always open to learning more about everything I can. I have a broad range of interests and hobbies, some examples of which are music (I collect Vinyl records and try to see a concert or show at least once a month) nature (I enjoy gardening, exploring, foraging and producing my own preserves as well as owning way too many house plants) and traveling (I’d like to see as much of the world as possible and am always looking for new places to visit). Lastly, I love spending time with friends and family, especially my spouse (Hilary), child (Elvie) and my two dogs (Damian and Willow).


Ben, Marketing Associate
Marketing Associate

Originally from Cleveland Ohio (GO Browns!) I attended college at University of Cincinnati and later earned a degree in Digital Design and Graphics while living in Columbus Ohio. Most of my career has been spent working in the automotive sector, as well as building a career on social media platforms such as Instagram and Youtube. I am excited to be working with Jones and expand my knowledge of the beverage industry while working along some of the friendliest people (and Dogs!) around. 

Outside of work you can find me hiking around the great PNW with my wife and our dog. I enjoy anything that involves the outdoors, traveling, music, design, art, photography, and as you can guess… Everything and anything automotive!


Max, Accounts Payable Lead
Accounts Payable Lead

As a youngster growing up in Lake Forest Park outside of Seattle I used to walk the dog down to the mini-mart to get my favorite, a cold Jones Soda Fufu Berry. Very excited to now be on the Jones team all these years later! I appreciate the simple things in life like spending time with family and friends, enjoying the outdoors, and tasty meals. My hobbies include backpacking, home-improvement projects, gardening, cooking, and sports fandom.


Liam, Senior Accountant
Senior Accountant  

It’s a pleasure working for Jones. I enjoy numbers and Spaghetti.


Sam, Staff Accountant
Staff Accountant

Originally from Minnesota, I've found my home in Washington. When not at work, I'm often exploring the city on walks, discovering charming small shops, and spending quality time with my three beloved cats.


Sophie, AP Accountant
AP Accountant 

As a Seattle native, I love long walks in the rain, punk-rock music, and Jones Soda!! My kitten Miso Soup is an excellent WFH companion and likes to try typing on my keyboard when I am not looking. 


Katie, Operations Administrator
Logistics Specialist

I was a logistics specialist for the US Navy before joining Jones. I love soccer, reading and I like to think I can draw a little too. When I’m not working you can find me playing soccer, in the gym, hiking, or in the kitchen trying to cook something new.

I loved Jones as a kid, my friends and I would mix flavors together or make popsicles on hot days. I’m super excited to be a part of a team that enjoys bringing new and wild ideas to the table. That's Jones. 


Nick, Director of Operations – Mary Jones
Director of Operations – Mary Jones

Super exited to join the Jones Team! I grew up drinking Jones and collecting bottle caps. Being able to combine two things I love: cannabis and Jones, has been a dream come true! We make a best in class, award winning, badass cannabis soda and I am so proud to be a part of the Mary Jones team brining this together. When I’m not working I love cooking and baking, hiking, fishing, hunting and exploring the mountains of Colorado with my lovely wife Gina.


MaryJane, Chief Bark Officer
Chief Bark Officer

Hello. I am a dog and my name is MaryJane. I get to come with my humans to work every day! I have a very important job of greeting people when they come into the office. My favorite thing to do is fetch. I like playing fetch with balls most but also love a good roll of cardboard. I also love eating cardboard as treats and there is so much cardboard for me to eat here! My humans also say the thing I’m best is “being in the way,” which I don’t really understand but they think I’m good at it! I am 8 years young. My humans think I’m so pretty that they put my face on every label they can. If you ever meet me, I may be shy at first, but if you grab a ball or treat, I will love you. Now time to go stare at a tennis ball until the humans throw it for me!



Howard, Sales Director
Sales Director

I have been fortunate to have spent the majority of my career in the food industry, having worked with some outstanding companies: Keebler, Kelloggs and Wise Snacks. I am very excited to have joined this very talented team at Jones Soda. The opportunity to work with such the great Jones Soda brand and all unique flavors is going to be a highlight of my career.

Having grown up in the Midwest I have made MANY corporate moves from St. Louis to Chicago to S.Florida to Nashville to Atlanta and now reside in Birmingham. I am an avid sports fan, especially fond of my St. Louis Cardinals and Blues Hockey teams. I love to travel especially abroad with my wife and family.