Mark, President & CEO


President & CEO

I have worked in the food industry my entire career and have been fortunate to work for some great companies including 22 years at Kraft Foods. My last role, I was the President of JGC food company. I am very honored and humbled to be appointed president and CEO for Jones Soda Company. It is an amazing brand and a great organization. However, it was the world class talent and great team that inspired me to take the role. I look forward to building this company together.

When not working, I enjoy almost all professional and collegiate sports. Born and raised in Detroit, I am still very loyal to all my home teams (very painful). My real passion is hanging out with my friends and family. I have really been blessed.

Eric, Chief Operations Officer



I love my job, and feel so fortunate to be working with such an amazing brand - it really is by the people and for the people. Please keep sending in your photos, quotes, and flavor ideas!

When I’m not at the office, my other passions include family, cooking, music, and craft beer. So, coming home on a Friday night after a productive week of selling Jones, putting on an old Willie Nelson record on the turntable, slathering some homemade barbecue sauce on a rack of ribs, and pouring a cold draft beer into a chilled glass pretty much sums up the perfect day for me!

Dan, Director of Sales


Director of Sales

I joined the Jones team in May 2020 with three decades of experience in the CPG industry. Most recently I was Director of Sales & Distribution at Tim’s Cascade Snacks. I have built my career on trust, commitment and a strong work ethic managing direct, distributor and broker sales teams.

The Pacific Northwest is home, born and raised in the PNW I am a loyal fan of the Seahawks, Mariners, Rainiers, Sonics, Zags and COUGS. I also enjoy traveling with my family, visiting the many great PNW wineries and playing golf. #JONESSODA  

Maisie, Vice President of Marketing


Vice President of Marketing

Originally from Southern California with stops in the MidWest and Texas along the way, I consider Seattle my home. I have been fortunate to work on some of the biggest brands in food and beverage, but there is something truly special about Jones. There’s an authenticity and entrepreneurial spirit that is hard to replicate. I’m excited to help guide the next chapter of Jones and Lemoncocco.

When I’m not at work, you can often find me enjoying time with my family and friends. If we’re not out enjoying the outdoors, you’ll often spot my family at a local brewery on weekends. By the way, my beer geek husband and I just happen to be raising two little foodies as they often ask for prosciutto, poke, and dumplings. 

Joe, Controller



Very excited to be on the Jones Team! An environment full of hardworking and passionate people. The Jones Brand is unique and am proud to be a part of its growth. When I’m not at work, I love hanging with friends and family, listening to some chill reggae in the sun, and watching the Seahawks, Cougs, and Mariners.

Chris, Operations Manager


Operations Manager

I am part of a hard working team. We do work. We do it for the feeling we obtain & because we’re in search of something. We want to relive some great moment we had in the past. Moreover, it’s also to create some other incredible moment like the last one but more intense. As long as we reach our limits... but who knows where those are? Our realm is when we are together against a new dare. It can be anywhere, on snowboards, at the ballpark, in water, in the air... or at the office doing work.

Chad, Regional Manager - Central


Regional Manager - Central

I joined the JONES team in March 2004. I have been in the beverage industry since 1995 spending a few years on the distributor side of the business then moved to the supplier side. Home base is West Des Moines, Iowa with my beautiful wife Krista and our adorable kids Maxwell and Olivia. I spend most of my work time traveling across the country visiting our great distributors and retailers. My free time is spent with my family, friends and anything outdoors.

Andrew, Business Development & Trade-show Marketing


Business Development & Trade-show Marketing

Likes: music, movies, my dog, my wife, sports, Vegas, eating out, sunny days, investing in stocks, working out, flying places.

Favorites: The hangover, Benihana, cheesecake factory, basketball, football, sour cream and onion gold fish crackers, gummy bears

Loic, Regional Manager - Canada


Regional Manager - Canada

Born in Montreal, Quebec, I live with my wife Myriam, my son William and my dog Mya.

I like :Travelling, Cooking, Playing, Camping, Golfing, BBQing, Dancing, Cirque du Soleil, Mojitos, Cashew, Ping Pong, Mad Men, Fringe, Rocky, Die Hard, Atila the Hun, Gengis Khan, Dreaming, Any Playa, Montreal Canadiens, Expresso, Jones Soda.

I am: Epicurean, Positive, Curious, Calm

Jerison, Graphics Designer


Graphics Designer 

Born and raised in beautiful, boring Bellingham, WA.
Likes: Horror movies, riding my bike, Sci-Fi, comics, anime, beer, video games, typography, food, screen printing, rock n' roll, whiskey, letterpress, playing bass guitar, computers, zombies, listening to vinyl, nature, gig posters, swimming, surf rock, punk rock, garage rock, more food, monsters, aliens, babes, motorcycles, friends, DIY, J.R.R. Tolkien, all aspects of graphic design, and pretty much all things deemed "nerdy".

Danielle, Logistics & Customer Service Manager


Logistics & Customer Service Manager

Originally born and raised in South Africa, I am ecstatic to be a member of the Jones team. When I’m not working, I am enjoying time with my family or snuggling dogs! I love nature, spontaneous adventures and travelling!

Erin, Social Media Marketing Manager


Social Media Marketing Manager

Half-Filipino, half-ginger from sunny California who decided to take on rainy Washington and hasn’t looked back. Lover of coffee, wine, cats, cuisine, travel, sleep, all things Disney, and the written word, but make it digital.

Katherine, Project Manager


Project Manager

When I'm not out and about promoting Lemoncocco, you are likely to find me on a soccer sideline, out on the ski slopes or whacking tennis balls around with my husband Stefano!

Chris, NW Area Sales Manager


NW Area Sales Manager

I have known Jones Soda my whole life and am very excited to help share my love for the company with others. Growing up in San Diego I spent the majority of my time in the ocean or playing music with friends. But, I knew that I had found my place in the Pacific Northwest when I moved to attend the University of Washington. The things I love most now are backpacking, live music, and cooking with friends. The best is when I can combine all three!

Kelly, Customer Service Coordinator/Accounts Receivable


Customer Service Coordinator/Accounts Receivable

Originally from Long Beach, CA and Lover of Mel Brookes movies, Counter-Culture, Monty Python, body surfing, nerds with tattoos and being a multi-dimensional person! When I’m not working I am outdoors enjoying friends, family a good beer and BBQ!!

Kayla, AP Accountant


AP Accountant

My name is Kayla and I’m here for a good time not a long time. I love all things film related and have probably seen every David Fincher directed movie at least three times. If I’m not watching movies, I usually am hiking or traveling, because I’m a beach kid that likes to do mountain stuff.

Margie, eCommerce Specialist


eCommerce Specialist 

So excited to be a part of the Jones fam! Born originally in Cali in the county of YOLO, but raised in Washington my whole life and studied at CWU. I love working with such a small creative and hardworking team like we are. The Jones brand is so unique and I love how much consumer engagement it requires!
YASSS: DOGS, dancing, hiking, watching and playing soccer (GO TIMBERS!), PUPPIES, hanging out with my friends and family, Harry Potter everything, Simple Plan, Imagine Dragons, Wonderwoman, pizza, GUACAMOLE, and bagels.
Nah: cardio, peanut butter, SPIDERS

Jason, Business Development Manager – PAC region


Business Development Manager – PAC region

I have 20+ years in the Foodservice industry and a strong background in food and beverage management systems and customer service. As a former Bar Owner and Bartender-Server, I will be able to develop Jones’s core customers right here in the PNW where I call home. I attended Central Washington University and graduated from Eastside Catholic High School.
Likes: traveling, good food, wine, whisky, new experiences, NPH, table top gaming, and Broadway shows. 

Linda, Revenue Accountant


Revenue Accountant

I appreciate sarcasm, a good happy hour, roller coasters (for the big kids), romantic comedies, spontaneous adventures, experiencing new cultures, cooking, and spending time with friends and family. I’m all about the little things in life and believe everything happens for a reason! GO DAWGS & GO JONES.

Sarah, Beverage Technologist


Beverage Technologist

I’m so excited to be apart such a creative and energetic team! I am extremely enthused by the idea of digging into the food science within the beverage industry. Originally, from the great plains of Kansas, I’ve slowly migrated west, always ready for adventure!

Likes: BBQ, Bouldering and Whitewater
Nos: Coleslaw, & Peanut Butter

Linda, Revenue Accountant


Operations Administrator

Born and raised in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, I have been fortunate enough to travel to 30 different countries in 5 continents. Always seeking a new adventure, I’m excited to be working for such an amazing brand in Jones Soda Co. If I’m not at work or chasing sunsets, you can find me enjoying a nice happy hour with friends. 

Sarah, Beverage Technologist


Business Development Manager – Michigan Region

It’s so cool to be back with JONES!!! I have quite a history with the brand, and look forward to building upon it!!

I am a hockey freak, a music worshipper and I love Siamese cats! Plus I make a mean Italian red gravy and meatballs! Wanna try ‘em? GO JONES!!!