*NEW* JONES ON THE SHELF 12-pack - Online Only

*NEW* JONES ON THE SHELF 12-pack - Online Only

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You may have heard of "Elf on the Shelf".... well... say hello to...

JONES THE ELF and his crew! What kind of escapades will they get into at your house this winter? 

*NEW* Sparkling Krampus despite his intimidating appearance, Krampus is a gentle 7-foot demon giant at heart. He always has the best intentions when trying to help his friends, but his efforts often resemble a bull in a China shop. His clumsiness often leads to unintended chaos and mishaps. Krampus is always down for an adventure and especially loves to cuddle Narwhal the Crocodile, his BFF.

Jones has been an elf for the last 25+ years. While he might look sweet, and some might say delicious, Jones is really quite the a**hole. You can find Jones doing things like unrolling your whole T.P. roll, eating all the leftover pizza, knocking ornaments off the tree while climbing to the top to antagonize the angel, and many other shenanigans. Do you dare put Jones on your shelf?

Narwhal is Jones' personal pet and always wants to join in his escapades but is oftentimes left out. He is very sweet, almost dog like, and would love nothing more than to be a narwhal. Jones, being the a**hole he is, likes to remind him that he is just a crocodile. Thankfully his taped-on horn gives him the confidence to express his true inner narwhal.

Frosty AF is Jones’ bestest friend. They are a SNOWTHEY, a gender-neutral snowperson. Frosty AF is very sassy and enjoys their time getting into hijinks with Jones. Frosty AF loves doing things like stealing hats from magicians and discrediting their work. Or throwing snowballs at people walking by and then pretending to be an inanimate snowperson.  Their catch phrase is “I don’t give a frosty F about anything.”

Every orders comes with 3 bottles of each character:

3 x Sparkling Krampus - relabeled Sparkling Passionfruit Guava Soda

3 x Jones The Elf - relabeled Strawberry Lime Soda

3 x Narwhal the Crocodile - relabeled Green Apple Soda

3 x Frosty AF - relabeled Cream Soda


Customize your Jones Bottles

You pick the flavor, photo, and label text!


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