About us

Made with pure cane sugar and featuring the most unique packaging in the beverage industry, Jones Soda is a one of a kind premium soda known for its bold, unique flavors, colors, and ever changing labels submitted by our consumers.

Created in Vancouver, BC in 1995 from the vision of Jones Soda founder, Peter van Stolk, and photographer/designer Victor John Penner, Jones was launched with the idea of incorporating random photographs onto our bottles using shots taken by Penner. But when consumers began submitting their own photos, we quickly realized that user sourced participation made the brand even more special.

Our flavor lineup includes traditional favorites like Cola, Root Beer, Cream Soda & Orange & Cream, but we also offer tasty, unique options such as Blue Bubblegum, Green Apple, Strawberry Lime and Fufu Berry. Limited Edition offerings will continue to make appearances in the Jones lineup, but don't hold your breath for anything gross or weird. We're committed to only creating flavors we think are downright! (Jones Soda is a treat after all!)

The Jones portfolio includes Jones Pure Cane Soda, Jones Sugar Free, Jones Cane Sugar fountain products and our sister brand Lemoncocco - a non-carbonated beverage inspired by the iconic beverage stands in Rome, Italy.

And our caps! Our fans love the quotes they find under Jones Soda caps, which offer pearls of wisdom, advice, or simple daily pick me ups. Collected and shared through social media, our caps have become nearly as synonymous with our brand as our photos, and are part of what makes us who we are. And just in case you weren’t already aware, our caps can also be collected and sent back to Jones to redeem some pretty cool prizes.

People always ask where they can find Jones in their neighborhoods. Depending on where you live, that may or may not be an easy question to answer. We are working hard to ensure Jones can be found in as many traditional and nontraditional retailers as possible. For those who have trouble trying to find us, we also offer our products for sale through our website, where our business continues to grow! As with most things in life, the squeaky wheel gets the grease! If you want to see Jones Soda or any of our other products carried in a retail location, politely ask the resident beverage manager to carry that product for you. Without valuable feedback from customers like you, a beverage manager might not know they're missing out!

They believed they could - so they did.

Since 1996, a small team of dedicated soda enthusiasts have made it their sole mission to keep the world refreshed with the best beverages. 


Independent, Rebellious, Fun

Jones Soda was developed in 1995 and introduced in 1996 with six flavors: Orange, Cherry, Lemon Lime, Strawberry Lime, Raspberry, Grape in 12 oz glass bottles. 

The first labels featured artwork by Photographer Victor John Penner. To our pleasant surprise, shortly after hitting the market, Jones fans began sending in their own photos for use on labels. Some people have even called us the pioneers of user generated content. 



Jones attended its first Pride Parade in Vancouver, BC. All proceeds from the sale of Jones Soda were donated to Vancouver Pride Society. Jones also attended the San Francisco Pride Parade. 


Your photos. Your soda. Your brand.

In 1999, Jones began selling “My Jones” through its website to meet the growing demand of fans wanting to get around the official photo selection process. Users could upload their own photos to create custom Jones Soda labels. 


Summer '99 was all about the Great North American Roadtrip! We sent the RV out to explore, adventure and treat Jones fans across the continent. Fan roadtrip photos were collected to adorn future labels.

Open a Can 

Born well before its time, Jones Whoop Ass was our first foray into energy drinks. Whoopass was well loved and is now enjoying retirement. 


Honestly, it was a blur...



Jones Juice debuted in 2001 with such flavors as Limes with Orange, Berry White, D’Peach Mode, and Fu Cran Fu. Later musical-themed introductions included Bohemian Raspberry and Strawberry Manilow, a flavor that led to Jones having to pay Barry Manilow a $0.02 per bottle royalty once he learned about the pun. Jones Juice has since been retired.


That's Hot!

The first special edition pack was the Jones Hot Wheels Pack, created to honor the 35th anniversary of Hot Wheels. The pack included a Hot Wheels Jones Soda Orange RV along with four themed bottles and was only available through the Jones Soda website.


In November 2003, Jones introduced a "Turkey & Gravy" seasonal flavor in honor of Thanksgiving. Demand was so overwhelming that we sold out in about two hours! Proceeds from sales went towards Toys For Tots.

Have Halfpipe? Will travel!

The Jones RV got a montage-worthy makeover on Monster Garage. The Monster Garage team, along with Tony Hawk and BMX pro Rick Thorne, skate park designer Mike McIntyre and RV expert Kevin Jenkins turned a beast of an RV into a traveling ramp. The riders insisted that the halfpipe should be useable while driving - and it was! 


Keep it real!

Jones overturns industry norms one again by announcing a pivot away from high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS.) By April of 2007, all products are being made with real cane sugar.


Rock the Vote

Campaign Cola, launched June 4, 2008, allowed consumers to purchase their favorite presidential candidate’s personalized soda while providing a unique forum for participants to take a stance on political issues. Each purchase was counted as a 'virtual vote', and the polls were updated every 15 minutes as ballots were cast. The website included information about each candidate and a forum for lively discussion, regardless of age! The limited edition Colas come in four varieties: Yes We Can Cola, Pure McCain Cola, Capitol Hillary Cola and Ron Paul Revolution Cola.

One Million Photos

By 2010, Jones fans had submitted over a MILLION photos (and counting) to the Jones Soda Gallery!


I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike!

Jones Soda HQ goes off the grid for Earth Day, powering the office solely with bicycle-generated electricity. In order to human-power the office on Earth Day, Jones partnered with local companies and organizations including Recycled Cycles and the University of Washington’s Applied Physics Lab.


Jones Soda offered the vegetarian-friendly Tofurky and Gravy Soda as part of their limited edition Holiday Gift Pack. The pack came with three bottles of the special Tofurky soda along with three bottles of more palatable flavors (Black Cherry, Pomegranate, and Vanilla Bean), and a collectable Tofurky lunch box. For each case sold, Jones Soda donated $1 to P.A.W.S.


In June 2011, Jones moved out of its South Lake Union headquarters to a building in Pioneer Square opposite CenturyLink Field.


Fountain of Youth

2015 saw the addition of BiB (bag-in-box) product and custom photo-collage fountain equipment. Flavors available on fountain range from traditional selections like Cane Sugar Cola and Root Beer to the company’s specialty flavors like Berry Lemonade and Green Apple.

In Spring 2015, Jones moved out of its Pioneer Square building to a larger space at 66 S Hanford St #150, Seattle, WA.


No Ordinary Soda

Jones teams up with 7-Eleven, Inc., the nation’s largest convenience retailer to create 7-Select brand premium sodas crafted by Jones. The product launch marks the first premium carbonated beverage in the 7-Select private brand lineup.

First Cane Sugar Slurpee

For a limited time the Jones Orange & Cream Slurpee was sold exclusively at 400 7-Eleven convenience stores across the states of Washington and Oregon. This flavor marks the first-ever cane sugar product for 7-Eleven’s frozen-beverage brand.


What the Fufu?!

Building upon the success and enthusiasm of the Green Apple Big Gulp program and the 2016 Orange & Cream Slurpee drink, Jones soda and 7-Eleven launched a FuFu Berry Cane Sugar Slurpee program across approximately 400 Pacific Northwest 7-Eleven locations.

How 'Bout Them Apples!

We Celebrated our 21st birthday with a gift to our 21+ fans! Spiked Jones carried all the nostalgia of our famous Green Apple flavor, combined with the sweet-yet-tart kick of hard apple cider. Spiked Jones was available in WA and OR and has now been retired.


Don't Hate the Player

Fallout 4 developer, Bethesda, teamed up with Jones Soda Co. to produce Nuka Cola Quantum, an IRL beverage based on the same in-game perk. Bottles were released in conjunction with the Fallout 4 game release, and were available exclusively at Target.


Pride Across Canada

Jones added a splash of color to their iconic black and white photos as part of a summer-long awareness campaign in partnership with Egale Canada, which celebrated Pride Across Canada with a series of six specially themed Pride Cream Soda bottles. Featuring consumer submitted photos from past Pride events, the collectible labels were accented with the bright rainbow colors that have become a symbol for the Pride movement. A donation from sales of this Special Edition was made to Egale Canada, an organization dedicated to advancing the rights of the LGBTQI2S (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Intersex and Two Spirit) community.


What will the future bring? 

The Jones team is always (yes, always) working to bring the most glorious beverages to you, wherever you are! What should we make next?