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Q. Where are you located?

Q. Do you offer tours of Jones Soda HQ?

Q. Where can I buy Jones Soda?

Q. I want a certain flavor, however I do not see it listed in the available flavors?

Q. How long does the soda last?

Q. I do not have access to a computer, can I mail in my order?

Q. Can I cancel my order?

Q. How do I get my photo on a Jones Soda bottle?

Q. Which soda flavors in your webstore contain caffeine?

Q. Your soda looks like this on your website but in real life it looks different, what's up with that?


Q. Who do you use to ship?

Q. Do you ship internationally?

Q. What do I do if my order arrives broken or damaged?

Q. How do you ship cases of soda?

Q. Do you offer will-call pick-up, instead of shipping?

Q. Do you ship your bottles with soda bottle carriers?

Q. Can I change the shipping address for my order?

Q. How do you determine your shipping costs?

Q. Do you ship on the weekend?

MyJones Custom Labels

Q. Do you offer bulk discounts/coupons/promo codes for large custom orders?

Q. How long will it take to receive my custom soda?

Q. I ordered multiple cases of MyJones custom soda but only one of them has shipped so far!

Q. I have a coupon for a free 4-Pack of MyJones, but you don't offer 4-Packs. How do I redeem it?

Q. Can I get my custom soda in less than 3-10 business days?

Q. Can I use either black and white or color photos?

Q. What kind of photo should I upload for my custom label?

Q. Can I put a photo on the back label of my custom soda?

Q. Can you send just the labels or blank bottles?

Q. Can I get a custom label with just my logo, not Jones Soda's logo?

Q. Can I change my custom order once it has been submitted?

Q. Can I have different photos/flavors in the same case?

Q. How much text can I fit on the back of the label?

Q. Does your text support both Spanish and French text?

Q. Can custom MyJones bottles be submerged in ice or water?

Q. How do I access my older/previous custom orders?

Q. Will you photoshop my photo or edit/spell check my custom order after I send it in?

Q. Can I have a custom order with photos of my FAV movie/tv show/comic book celebrity on my label?

Q. I picked 3-Day shipping for my custom order, will my order be delivered in 3 days?

Gallery FAQ

Q. How do I post a photo to the gallery?

Q. What can I post to the gallery?

Q. What should I NOT post to the gallery?

Q. What is a model release form? When and why do I need one?

Q. What makes you more likely to choose a photo? I REALLY want to be a Jones bottle!

Q. How do I delete a photo I uploaded?

Q. Should I send in color or black and white photos?

Q. How will I know if my photo is selected?

Q. If my photo is chosen for a label... can you send me a bottle, or a case? Where can I find it?

Q. Eeeek! I just saw some porn!

Q. How do I get votes for my photo?

Q. It says I voted for a photo, but I didn't?

Q. I can't upload my photo, I keep getting the log-in screen?

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