Casey Johnson

Photographer & Filmmaker

Hi! I am a teen photographer and filmmaker. When I shoot pictures, my favorite thing to photograph is people, I usually use my friends as models. When I’m not taking pictures or videos I am spending time with friends, performing in plays at school, or riding my bike!

The Duskwhales

Indie Rock Band

The Duskwhales are an Indie Rock trio from Washington, DC. We are obsessed with The Beatles, Star Wars, and Jones Soda. Our latest singles are available on Bandcamp for name-your-price, with all proceeds going to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. 

Tyler Horness

BMX Biker

Hey I'm Tyler horness I love to BMX with friends and just have fun. Tyler Horness is a BMX biker out of Enoch, Alberta who is never not riding! His favorite things about BMX are the constant progression you experience and riding around to new places with friends.

Joe Reed


Sport: Snowboarding
Riding since: 2005
Home Mountain: Stevens Pass, Washington
Favorite Place to Ride: Keystone, Colorado
Favorite Jones Flavor: Green Apple

Parker Simmons


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Jaysean Berndt


I’m a 19 year old skateboarder from the Bay Area California. I’ve been skating for 8 years, skating is my passion. Waking up everyday to skating gives me a sense of happiness and joy. Skating to me brings people together and positive vibes.

Kaleb Harley


I am an amateur photographer out of a small town in British Columbia, Canada, called Grand Forks. I always have had a camera with me just to capture whatever captures my eye. My photos are anything from ‘artsy’ to portraits of my friends that I just happened to take.

Gabe Dalrymple


My name is Gabe Dalrymple, I’m 16 years old and a competitive snowboarder in Colorado.  I love to shred the park, but my main event is snowboardcross racing, which I’ve been doing for around three years. I’m super stoked to be a part of the Jones Soda team, and I’ve loved Jones for almost 8 years!