Honoring Unsung Heroes

Here at Jones Soda, we bet you can think of at least one person who went above and beyond in 2020. In fact, when we asked for submissions, we received a flood of AMAZING photos and stories! While we truly wanted to feature every single one, we were limited to only a few. These remarkable stories represent a lot of heroes we've all seen. So maybe the next time you're feeling thankful, maybe share one of these Green Apple Sodas with a hero in your life. Or nominate them to possibly featured on future labels!

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Water Warriors Label on Jones Green Soda

Water Warriors United

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Anchorage Airport Police & Fire Dept. Label on Jones Green Soda

Anchorage Airport Police & Fire Dept.

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Jake Shellum

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Cody Crawford

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Jody Ruest

Alt _ images collage. Take & Give! Email Us: altspacechicago@gmail.com

Submitted by: Jon Veal and Jordan Campbell


Chicago, IL

Artist led nonprofit, alt_ (read: alt space) puts the “us” in hustle. They transformed an abandoned space into a free community market located in Chicago’s West Side where members of the community can give and take. The market meets the needs of neighbors going through tough times and highlights the value of citizenship in the community. They've provided a functional piece of art that creates a “communal economy” built with a lot of heart and soul. 

To learn more or donate visit, altspacechicago.com

Water Warriors United image collage

Submitted by: collectivemedicine.net

Water Warriors United

Navajo Nation, USA

Zoel Zohnnie is on a mission to help those in need throughout the Navajo Nation. Him and his “Water Warriors” have been travelling all over since the pandemic started. They deliver clean, potable drinking water in 55-gallon barrels and 275-gallon cubes to those without running water. How many times a day do you use water? Imagine not being able to easily wash your hands during the pandemic!

Water Warriors United is just one part of Zohnnie’s nonprofit, Collective Medicine. To learn more and donate, visit collectivemedicine.net

NAPA FARM image collage

Submitted by: @napafarm


Napa, CA

NAPA FARM is a small restaurant that managed to stay open during the pandemic. Not only is that an accomplishment in and of itself, but they truly stepped up to support the 2020 Glass Fire evacuees and first responders. The team there has been able to provide hundreds of meals with help from their community. #NAPASTRONG

Anchorage Airport Police & Fire Dept. firefighters hosing off fire

Submitted by: John Gomes

Anchorage Airport Police & Fire Dept.

Anchorage, AK

The men and women of the Anchorage Airport Police & Fire Department are unique in that they are multi-certified as State Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and Medics. That means they are trained to take on any situation. Their dedication throughout the pandemic has kept the community protected.

Jake Shellum with one of his daughters in front of big rig

Submitted by: Leah Shellum

Jake Shellum

Shevlin, MN

At the height of the pandemic, Jake Shellum was one of those essential workers you didn’t really think about. Hauling material across the country seems safe and isolated, but you're driving through and to some of the most affected areas with limited places to park or even eat. Not to mention, having to leave loved ones behind for weeks at a time. And for Jake, that's eight kids and a wife.

Jeriann walking to helicopter with daughter

Submitted by: Ben Kallin 


Lawrenceburg, KY

Jerriann is a Flight Medic for Air Evac in central Kentucky. She has been a first responder for twelve years working as an EMT, Firefighter, and Paramedic. She works 24 hour shifts and spends those hours in the service of saving and transporting those in need, especially during the pandemic. Jeriann’s daughter is her motivation and her goal is to always make her proud.

Cody Crawford, Ontario Chef, collage with his wife and daughter

Submitted by: Taylor Cote

Cody Crawford

Little Current, ON 

In early 2020, both Cody and Taylor were working as chefs. When the pandemic hit, she was laid off and Cody took on 15 to 17-hour work days in a hot kitchen to help provide for both her and their daughter. Then, Taylor became pregnant with their second child. Cody didn't hesitate to continue his workload. His sacrifice and determination has allowed his family to stay safe and healthy at home.

Jody Ruest hosing off fire

Submitted by: Sydney Ruest

Jody Ruest

Saskatoon, SK

Jody is a Captain for Pro-Tec Fire Services at the Skyxe Saskatoon International Airport. He has been a firefighter for over 40 years, recently receiving medals for Federal and Provincial protective services. Jody started his career as a volunteer firefighter in Nipawin, Saskatchewan, following in his dad’s footsteps. Jody doesn’t like the title hero as he says “It’s just what I do,” and that’s true. Helping others and putting others first is what Jody always does. Which is why he is a hero to his family, each and every day.


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